Whenever we watch a reality show or any interview where celebrities show off their houses, we get tempted to design our homes just like them. Aside from the fact that their houses cost millions of dollars, it is tricky to redesign your home, especially when you don’t know the specifications and characteristics of each interior design. For that reason, we decided to list 7 home interior design styles inspired by celebrities’ houses to help you understand more about them and see if you can establish a specific design in your home.

Spanish Design

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Spanish interior design is a terrific idea for you if you want a sophisticated and classy theme that’s still maintaining a relaxing and homely atmosphere. Spanish design is also home to history and usually maintains vintage objects throughout the space. You can also expect to see large exposed beams that give the space an aged, vintage vibe that works amazingly with the Spanish-inspired design. The Canadian actress, Nina Dobrev, has recently shown off her Spanish-style house that incorporates all these beautiful elements.

Tranquil Modern Design

Despite the similarities between modern and contemporary interior designs, there are important highlights that define modern design. As clearly embodied in Travis Baker’s house, modern design refers to a specific period of time. In modern interiors, you can notice the minimal décor. Interior designers tend to discard the trivial ornaments and focus on art as the main décor. You can also expect to see plenty of glass windows and doors and bold accents in furniture and art in neutral spaces.

French Country Style

This unique interior design is an awesome sophisticated mixture of some of the most popular designs. It is a blend of farmhouse, shabby chic, and traditional. The French country interior design starts with antique pieces of furniture, such as a Louis VI chair. The famous German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld designed parts of his home in the French style, where he displayed exquisite French antique furniture.

Vintage Style

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A vintage interior design can be established by using styles and furniture from previous generations. If a piece of furniture is 20 years old or more, it's considered vintage. To establish vintage interior style in your home, you need antiques as their sense of history can take you back in time to older periods. In one of her mansions, Selena Gomez has a vintage area, where there are antique chairs and vintage furniture.

Eclectic Design

Do you like high-energetic spaces with a careful selection of artistic items that create a culture rich environment? If yes, then you would love eclectic interior design. However, many people mistakenly think that it is an everything-goes-together style, while it is more of non-distracting collections, neutral color palettes, and a few accent colors. The American actress, Joely Fisher, likes this style and is adopting it in her house with precisely-chosen Indian and Moroccan pieces and other treasures she collected from her travels.

Bohemian Design

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If you’re a free-spirited person who likes to mix artistic cultures and expressions together in one place that focuses on nature, you would love boho or bohemian interior design. It is common to find bright colors and bold prints in this design’s furniture and accents. The German-American actress, Elisabeth Röhm, designed her beach house in a bohemian design, featuring different shades of pink, plenty of patterned textile, and fresh elements like flowers and fruits.

Industrial Design

When we mention industrial interior design, think of exposed beams and pipes, brick walls, and concrete surroundings. This style can hardly be described as soft or intimate. It tends to have masculine features that are tamed by plenty of texture. Usually the furniture is unfinished or raw and can be combined with antiques. Moreover, bold prints, numbers, and typography create a constant industrial design vibe. The American actress Diane Keaton’s house features the industrial interior design at its best through the choice of bold colors, big typography on the walls, and huge industrial lamps.