Summer is here in full force, which means the temperatures are rising and we're starting to feel it even in the comforts of our own homes. It's also the time we want to brighten up the colors around the house and make it more vivid for the summery vibes.

So, if you're re-organizing your home decor for the summer, make sure to put these 7 tips into your consideration in order to lessen the heat inside the house and make it cooler.

1. If you have any carpets or rugs made of wool or fur, make sure to put them away during the summer as they absorb the heat and will make your space feel hotter.

2. Dark curtains look super chic, but they play a huge role in locking the hot weather inside the house and sucking up all the sun's warmth. Change them up in the summer with lighter fabrics and colors for a cooler home.

3. Velvet or suede furniture pieces are also one of the reasons your home might feel stuffy in the higher temperatures. You're surely not expected to switch out your living room, but what you can do is use chic covers made of summery, smooth and light fabrics that will absorb body heat and moisture.

4. Fans and air conditioners stay covered and unused too long for them to not accumulate lots of dust which block clean, fresh, cool air when we start using them again during summer. Make sure to clean them properly, it'll make a huge difference.

5. If you're planing on painting any walls in your home, go for lighter shades that will reflect sun rays instead of absorb them.

6. Ventilation is a must when it comes to fresh, cool weather inside the house, but the best times to catch that refreshing breeze is either early morning or at night. If you open up your windows during the day then you're inviting the heat in with open arms.

7. An unexpected source of heat in your home could be the number/type of lightbulbs you're using. Go for economically friendly bulbs that have good lighting instead of multiple low light ones.

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Main Image Credits: Instagram @Modern_bohem