How to Survive a Heat Wave

Nada Allam
5/23/19, 12:00 AM

I am sure by now you heard, or even felt that there is a big heat wave sweeping across the Arab countries. The boiling heat, burning sun-rays are a little tough to handle. So, we decided to share with you the ultimate guide to survive a heat wave.

1. The number one rule to surviving a heat wave, is to drink lots of cold water and stay hydrated.

2. Apply plenty of sun-block if you're outdoors. 

3. When experiencing a heat wave, make sure to spend the day by the pool. 

4. Head to your nearest ice-cream place and load up on your favorite scoops of ice cream.

5. Have a water balloon fight in the heat wave.

6. Tie your hair up into a bun, even the back of your neck deserves to breathe.

7. Wear white and light colors, stay away from black and dark colors.

8. Embrace the boho chic wardrobe with loose fitted outfits.

9. Do not wear jeans, trust me skirts and dresses are needed to survive the heat wave.

10. Purchase a mineral water spray, to mist yourself for some cooling throughout the day. 

11. Try to stay indoors in cool places, if you are not doing water activities. 

12. A heat wave is the perfect time to drink lots of delicious smoothies. Have you tried a watermelon smoothie?

13. Switch your warm drinks to iced ones. Iced coffees are delicious and refreshing in heat waves. 

14. Run your errands after the sun sets.

15. Keep your phone or any of your tech devices out of the sun, so as not to damage them. 

16. Mist your home or office with tropical scented infusers.

17. Head to a water park.

18. Take lots of cool showers, with your favorite shower gels.

19. Ditch the sneakers and wear your flip flops and sandals.

20. To survive a heat wave, you need to stay away from spicy foods. 

21. Leave your hair to air dry, skip the hair dryer and straightener!

22. Avoid applying layers of makeup to your face. If you apply makeup, make sure you go for the water resistant type.

23. Do not wear bulky accessories, keep your hands free. 

24. Be aware of yourself, if you are feeling fatigue or light headed, head indoors immediately, rest and load up on water. 

25. Keep a portable hand fan with you, it is a life saver!

26. If you have to walk, walk in the shades, or take an umbrella with you.

27. Try to park your car under a tree or in the shade.

28. Do not place your laptop on your laps to avoid unnecessary heat.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @emitaz


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