During the summer, our hair tends to suffer from a lot of things. The heat and transitioning between weather extremes can be a bit harsh on our scalp and hair threads. Also, the sunlight can strip the hair from some of its natural proteins and take moisture away, which is why our hair gets frizzy. Not only that, but with the heat, comes beach and pool time, which is another factor our hair doesn’t like at all. Salt water builds up and weighs the hair down with added dryness. Girls, if we think we take care of our hair during the winter and spring, then we need to give it 5 times more care during the summer. So let’s talk about a few things we can do to help minimize the summer’s damage and repair what’s already been affected

1. First of all let’s talk about trying to minimize the damage before it begins. Pack in your beach bag your favorite hair oil and apply it liberally to your hair before taking a dip in the pool or beach. Having just applied it, your hair will be exposed to less damage from the water because of the coat of oil.

2. Using shampoo and conditioner from the same range can help give you an extra kick of the benefits of the ingredients because you would be getting double the effect. The new Elvive range “Total Repair 5” has a shampoo and conditioner specifically curated to help damaged hair, like how our hair is in summer. It helps repairs your hair and make it stronger, smoother and softer while repairing  split ends.


3. After a couple of weeks vacationing, you’re going to want to give your hair a boost of repairing with a condensed hair mask. Hair masks are great because they’re like combining what you should’ve given your hair all week in one day. They will be great if you’re going back to the city and the messy hair look isn’t going to work anymore. You need to restore shininess and that look of softness to your hair.

4. On a daily basis you should use something like a serum or cream treatment like the Elvive “Total Repair 5” serum, to help gradually repair and enhance the texture and strength of your hair. Go for products that are specifically made for treating damaged hair because they can help resolve the after sun and beach effects like hair breakage and split ends.

5. When you’re going out at night after a day by the beach, blow drying and using heat on your hair after a shower is not the best thing for your hair, so imagine doing this everyday for like a week or two. You can try and embrace your natural waves or curls by using something like a leave-in oil replacement which helps control and tame frizz while enhance the hair’s natural texture.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @lorealhair