We've all been feeling stuck and stressed from being at home in the city for so long, but since we can now finally go out and travel for a summer vacation, you must be thinking about your beach house decor and how you can revamp it and make it feel comfortable, relaxing and cozy. We know that most don't want to completely renovate their houses, but you can just add a few decorations and home accessories here and there to give the rooms and gardens a soothing vibe and help you relax and relieve the stress of these past couple of months.

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Why is IKEA the best choice?

IKEA have a lot of home decor and accessories that would be perfect to give your summer home a modern update. You can get summery furniture like tables, chairs and even hammocks that you can relax and lie on while listening to the waves.

They have reopened last year's pop up store in the North Coast. It's actually super practical to have an Ikea branch near your beach chalet or house, to make shopping easier and more accessible, especially when it comes to moving in and transferring your new furniture.

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The North Coast branch has the pieces you need to update your beach house decor readily available to buy anytime until the end of August. You can find it in Livio‚Äôs Mall in front of Marassi.

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IKEA offer really unique solutions and services to their clients, including a free home delivery service for North Coast orders through their temporary pop up store. They also have an ordering service via WhatsApp, where you can select the product you want through this link IKEA.eg/NorthCoast and send it to Ikea's team so they can prepare the order and notify you when it's ready, along with the directions to the store, which makes for a really helpful and easy shopping experience.

Home accessories to renew the look of your beach house

Because we know that you don't want to completely change your home furniture, you can just resort to adding some simple decor and accessories that can liven up and change the feel of your house. Like adding bedspreads, bean bags, colored chairs, or even hanging up mirrors and frames. Shopping at the North Coast branch will help give you some ideas on what you can add and decorate with.

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Garden decor

Because it's a dream to have breakfast with fresh air in the sun, you can start decorating your garden or terrace with some lovely minimalist furniture pieces, such as a medium sized dining table, a few chairs and an umbrella for shade. You can also hang up a hammock to create a beautiful resting spot. All of which are available at Ikea's North Coast branch.

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