Right now, our bedrooms have turned into our sanctuaries, even more so than ever before. It has become more than the place we go to for a few hours of sleep. It is now a space, where we seek comfort, joy and stress relief. The thing is, you don't have to paint the walls or buy a new dresser in order to feel like you’re updating your room and you don’t need to be an interior expert to know how to make your room more cozy and fresh. Sometimes the smallest things can make a difference. Especially, when those small things are also a huge source of comfort.

We just heard about ariika’s new home collection and it inspired us to show you how to mix and match your bed set to make your room more colorful and inviting since we're now spending most of our time at home, and we could use a little more comfort and joy in our day.


The collection has everything from towels, bedding inserts, fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers and even bathroom baskets, which are great for storing towels and other stuff you want to keep in your reach, but in an organized chic way.

Their bedding is super soft, made of 100% rare long-staple Egyptian cotton and single-ply thread counts of 300-500, which means the material will feel really soft and smooth against your skin. The designs are also minimal and modern, so they will fit most tastes and room decors.

Balancing Color


The first thing you should do is identify the colors or tones that bring you joy. That way you can have a clear vision on where to go from there. If, for example, soft rose tones relax you, have that be your duvet color from ariika and then you can mute it down with nude sheets and pillow covers. Now you can create balance in the room by adding touches of rose throughout the space. It can be a candle, pot of flowers or a frame.

A Pop of Pattern or Color


If you like clean whites and subtle tones of grey, but you want to bring more liveliness to your space, you can add pops of color or patterns by mixing 2 different patterns together, like ariika’s Ginza and Abbey cover sets. Or you can go a brighter color with your pillowcases, like the Rose Sateen set, while keeping the rest of your bedding minimal and neutral. You can implement that same pop of color through a stack of books on your bedside table or even a colorful throw.

Earthy Tones


Earthy tones and beiges look great with wood and greenery. So if you love rustic aesthetics or your room has a lot of wood, getting beige neutral colored bedding, like this 'Abbey' duvet cover set from ariika, the colors and the softness of the sheets go hand in hand and give you that extra comfort. You can always add a lot of plants that will really tie the room together.

Adding Luxury


Deeper tones, like this classic navy blue, are for those who like to incorporate elements of luxury and elegance that are still relaxing and soothing. You can actually have your entire bedding in this shade if you want a clean look or you can tone it down with white and grey pillow cases or throws.

Which Materials to Go For

What can also add a lot of luxury to a room is finding the right material. ariika have Sateen, Percale and Jacquard. You can choose the fabric depending on the mood you want to go for and your sleeping preference. 

For example, mixing between a rich Jacquard and luxurious Sateen will give you the perfect combination of a silky smooth feel against your skin. However, for those who like a cool and crisp touch to the sheets, the Percale is nice and refreshing.

Try Something New


There’s so much you can play around with so don’t hesitate to try something new. A lot of people tend to buy their bedding once in bulk and then avoid buying new ones or updating their collection because they’re unsure which types and materials are the best. However, remember you can always test things out and return them if you’re not happy. ariika actually offer a 30 nights trial risk free, so if you don’t like the product you can return it with a full refund.

Also because their service is online you're only paying for the product itself with no additional storefront costs or even delivery fees. So, hopefully this can motivate you to give your room a refreshing update. We can honestly tell you that something as simple as changing your pillowcases and duvet covers can make a whole lot of difference.