Your living room table is a sanctuary for chocolates, phones, remotes, unread books and taxes. It's always used and well loved even as a foot rest. However, you spend a lot of your time looking at that table and it is a huge part of the cosiness of a living room. So you might feel the need to want to organize it and make it look pretty and chic. Don't worry, you can still have your remotes and snacks lying around, but at least they'll be next to a pretty flower vase and a candle. 

No matter what your interior style is, check out these ideas on how to decorate your living room coffee table for different types of aesthetics:

Coffee table decor for a classical living room

This room is decorated with big, classical pieces. With classical rooms, the colors mostly lean towards beiges and off-whites. For a room like this people usually go for a big table to balance the room and to fit a lot of chic decor pieces. You can try adding gold candle stick holders as well as some big coffee table books on the corner of the table. In the center you can have a crystal bowl of sweets, candy or fruits. However, try not to add too many things and overflow the table so that the room doesn't seem too crowded. 


Coffee table decor for a colorful living room

A lot of people now are starting to lean towards this idea of a living space, full of color and joyfulness. We've been actually seeing a lot of colorful wall colors with brights like emerald green and yellow. Sometimes this decor style actually leans a little towards bohemian vibes. 

In this case, you can balance things out a little by having white decor pieces when it comes to your coffee table. You can have a nice simple vase with a white candle and add touches of bright color with flowers or green plants


Coffee table decor for a rustic living room

Rustic home decor includes a lot of wood, whether for the flooring, walls or chairs and even the living room table. You can try placing a clear vase or a pottery vase with some bright flowers to bring some lightness into the room. You can also add coffee table books to bring some more modernity into the room. 


Coffee table decor for a modern living room

For a modern luxurious living room, metal, copper or brass coffee tables are very popular. When picking decorative pieces complement the table with metal candle sticks, a mirrored tissue box and magazines or coffee table books with bright covers.

As for more simplistic modern interiors with subtle chairs, rugs and a white table, having colored flowers and bright colored candles is going to bring out your room's beauty. 


Coffee table decor for a geometric living room

If you love a geometric living space with a leather couch, squared lamp and statuesque bookends, you should also go for a similar style when it comes to your coffee table. You can add statement circular candles and curved sculptures and stick to your living room's theme with colors like black and grey.


Main Image Credits: Pottery Barn via Elle Decor