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| by Farida Abdel Malek

How to Make a Vase Using Only Paintbrushes

If you have a bit of a rustic taste like me when it comes to home decor, this is going to be your new favorite thing. As I'm writing this article right now, I'm planning my shopping trip to the nearest art supply store. It's very easy and simple and won't take a minute.

This DIY was done by blogger Camilla Fabbri, she customized the brushes by adding a touch of color to the tips so as to make them look more original. The best thing about this is that it will look different for everyone and you're going to have your own unique piece of home decor.

You will need:

- Paintbrushes

- A jar

- 3 elastic bands

Wrap 3 thick elastic bands around your chosen jar and start tucking in the paint brushes.
Add enough brushes to go all the way around the jar, so you can't see any area of the jar peeking through. Change up the types of brushes and you can color the tips.
Pick the spot you want to showcase your new creation and place in your favorite flowers.

Main Image Credits: Kate Mathis

DIY Credits: Camilla Fabbri

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