Crystals have always been associated in our minds as something our moms would like. That you can't use it unless you have a vintage or classic style chandelier in your home and that whatever your family bought 30 years ago, you'll be stuck with unless you get rid of it and revamp the room. Well, it's time to correct these notions and understand better the beauty of crystals, how to pick them, and the different ways you can use them with every style and taste.

What are crystals?

Some people think that crystals are the same as glass, but this is far from the truth. They are used to enhance the spread of light in any room and add a touch of glamour. If you're not sure whether a piece is made of crystal or glass, this is how you can differentiate between them. Look for the following characteristics, if you find them, then it's crystal. If not, then this is glass.

1. Clear and transparent.

2. Very shiny and dazzling.

3. Reflects a rainbow.

4. Doesn't have any trapped air bubbles or impurities.

5. Heavier than it looks.

6. Easily cleaned/polished.

7. Its color doesn't change over time.


The different shapes and colors of crystals:

Crystals come in different shapes, sizes and colors, which allows you to find the perfect pieces. There are round, square, octagon, pear shape, coffin stone, bead, ball, pendeloqe, drop and many more. Not to mention that each one has different sizes and color variations. It's not just clear crystals, but you'll find honey, satin, golden shadow, AB and many other colors that you can ask a professional crystal store about.


How can you use crystals?

There are so many things you can do to use crystals in really chic and unexpected ways. Here are some ideas that'll make you look at crystals with a newfound appreciation for their beauty.

1. Crystals for chandeliers

If you have an old chandelier that you want to upgrade and transform its design completely, try changing some of the pieces with others of different shape, size and/or color. These are available to buy by piece, instead of buying a whole new chandelier. Replacing some of the pieces will give the chandelier a completely different feel and you'll be able to customize it to be more modern or unique, as much as you want.

Check out this video to see the before and after yourself:

2. Crystals in accessories

Did you know that you can use the smaller sized crystals to make your own unique necklace or earrings? They can be super simple or a statement piece depending on what you love. You can take the ball or drop shapes, put them in a plain silver chain and you'll have yourself a delicate necklace. There are endless designs you can come up with using the diverse crystal options available.

3. Fashion and Crystals

Another awesome use of small crystal pieces, is replacing the regular buttons on your shirt or blouse with crystals, to instantly make it look 100x more elegant and luxurious. You can also sew a couple of them onto a nice coat to make a unique design.

4. Chandeliers on a budget

A crystal chandelier is much more expensive if you pick it out from a crystals seller directly. A far more budget friendly option is to get the metal body or frame from a regular seller, get the authentic crystal pieces separately, and then arrange them onto the frame in your own style and taste.

5. Crystal curtains

It might be a bit excessive, but if you have the means and your home's decor matches, you can consider making a curtain made of crystal lines. It'll look incredibly chic and luxurious.


6. Crystal figurines

We all know the small crystal figurines and statues that are amazingly detailed and beautiful in their simplicity. They could make an excellent gift if you choose a shape that has a sentimental or emotional value to the recipient.