Summertime means some lounging and some decor beach vibes, however, the beauty of a hammock is that you can enjoy them all year long, because who doesn't love a lie-down swing in their house. I know you probably think it's impossible for you to make a DIY hammock at home, but that's why DIY decor tutorials on youtube are life savors. You should really watch below how you can a macrame hammock, but first, because we know a lot of people find it difficult to pick a spot for it, here are some ideas on where to place it in you home.

1. Balcony

This is such a beautiful spot for a hammock, just be careful with your placements we don't want any accidents. And of course avoid having it in your balcony if you live on a high floor. 

2. Roof

This is the perfect spot for the dreamers out there. If you love your quiet nights and beach breezes, this is what's going to push you towards making this hammock your next DIY project.

3. Terrace or Garden

This of course goes without saying, this is where most people are going to want to place their hammock. It is a beautiful way to enjoy some sun and outdoor energy.

4. Bedroom

We can't help but thinking how perfect a hammock would be in a bedroom by the window. Have it parallel to your window. It won't take up that much space and it would be the perfect reading spot or waiting spot for your face mask to dry. 

5. Living Room

A potential guest favorite spot and the top seating choice that your friends will always fight over when they're spending the day at your place. It also gives the living area a really cosy, homey and effortless look.

6. Bohemian Style Reception

Your mom will probably insist that the reception is no place for a hammock, but if you're already having a casual bohemian-style reception space, this can actually be the perfect spot for it. Not only will it encourage you to actually utilize your reception area, but it will also add a really beautiful touch to the space. 

So here's how to make your very own Hammock...

Main Image Credits: Instagram @westwing_es