Coming out of Eid, you've probably had enough of the meat smell or the smell of food in general, especially if you have an open kitchen. Having your home smell amazing is necessary for a lot of people. And since a lot of us try to stay away from buying air fresheners, because they consist of a lot of harmful chemicals, why not try these 4 DIY air fresheners to remove odors?

These homemade air fresheners are very smart and easy ideas by HGTV. This video shows you how to make 4 diy air fresheners at home, and the places they would be ideal for. Check it out below!

Charcoal Air Freshener

You will need charcoal and a pouch. The charcoal absorbs odors and freshens the air.

Candle Air Freshener

This is great for cars and you can also place it in your bathroom. I will probably work best in closed spaces.

Clothespin Air Freshener

With a beautifully scented essential oil like lavender or orange, this method is a great way to spread scent around your home and over power any food or unpleasant scents. This can also be a good car vent air freshener.

Coffee Bean Air Freshener 

I've seen this in restaurants before and all you need is vanilla scented tealight candles and coffee beans. 

Video and Main Image Credits: HGTV