Decorating your house stairs is one of the things you tend to neglect, whereas it can literally make a huge difference in revamping your house. Only very few changes are required! I collected a few ideas to help inspire you with the different creative ways to decorate your house stairs. Let's take a closer look...

1. Printed carpet

The easiest way to decorate your house stairs, is to stick one long carpet along the stairway. Make sure to go for a nicely printed carpet, as it's not quite easy to change once it's stuck properly.

2. Wallpaper

Challenge the artist in you by using colorful wallpaper to decorate your stairs. How? Stick the wallpaper to the inner side of each and every stair with super glue. Feeling extra creative? Then you can mix up prints together to make quite a statement.

3. Painting your stairs 

Have you ever thought of painting your stairs in different colors? If you're into rainbows, then use all your favorite shades to create one on your stairs,. But if you want something more subtle, only go for two or maximum three different colors.

4. Vases and candles

Decorate the stairs using vases, whether small or big you can pick according to your own taste. It'll look great if you add them to one end of the stairs! Another suggestion? Go for candles with different colors.

5. Colorful lamps

If your house stairs are made of wood, brown or colorful lamps on the stairs would look amazing, especially when you light them up at night. Gives off a very dramatic and sophisticated feel, doesn't it?

6. Toys

Hang different types of toys on the stair railing as an accessory. Guess what? Your children will just love it!

7. Written quotes

What are your favorite quotes? Give your house stairs a twist by writing quotes that inspire you on the inner side of the stairs. This works best if your stairs are painted in light colors.