Do you have pretty teacups that you don't get to use at all, and they're just sitting stored in your cupboards? Why not make use of old teacups and DIY teacup candles, that way you'll end up using them, as you can light them up and let a nice aroma fill your home.

What you'll need:

- Teacups

- Old candles

- Candle wicks

- Glue gun

- Large pot

- Glass container

- Essential oil with your choice of fragrance


1. Start by washing the teacups, dry well and leave aside.

2. Cut the old candles into small chunks and make sure to remove the wicks.

3. Fill the large pot halfway with water, and put the candle chunks in the glass container and place it inside the large pot.

4. Now put the large pot (with the glass container inside) on medium heat and leave the water to boil. The candle wax will start to melt slowly.

5.  Using the glue gun, fix the candle wicks at the bottom of every teacup, make sure it's in the center, with two inches sticking out of the teacup.

6. Once all the candle wax has melted, pour a couple of drops of the essential oil to it, stir well, and then turn off the heat.

7. Start pouring the candle mix to the teacups slowly, and make sure not to fill it all the way up. P.S. Be careful as the candle mix will be hot.

8. Leave the teacups at room temperature for a couple of hours so the candle wax can cool down and set.

9. There you go, you've recycled old teacups and candles and got yourself a kitschy home accessory.

Main Image Photo Credits: Yes Missy

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