Washing the dishes is not anybody’s cup of tea but it also is inevitable. Most dish-washing soaps are so harsh on our hands and they cause it to be very dry and pigmented. The ideal solution would be wearing gloves and protecting your skin, however, if you sometimes have to use your bare hands, here is a hack I learned from my mom that makes dish-washing soap gentler on your hands.

First, choose your detergent carefully and make sure it doesn’t include hazardous ingredients. My mom uses one with lemon and her hack is adding lemon oil to the soap bottle. She adds a little bottle of lemon oil (about 200ml) to the bottle of detergent.

This hack has helped her skin survive the dish-washing process without drying out or becoming flaky as it used to before. Lemon oil has vitamin C in it so it’s great for brightening and it doesn’t grease the dishes at all or leave any trace except a really good smell.