The weather is finally warm, and we'll be able to enjoy summer nights in the open air. I've always wished for a rooftop, more than a garden, because rooftops are so cozy, and if you're lucky enough, they have killer views at night. Lately, I've been looking at rooftop design pictures to get some ideas for my dream rooftop, and I found out that there are few things that are very important to have there, for the perfect summer night atmosphere. Keep on reading to know what they are. 

1. What's a rooftop without a cozy sofa and cushions?   


2. A small dining table for a cozy friends' gathering, or a romantic date night.


3. Bougainvillea is my favorite kind of plants, they're so beautiful, random, and colorful. So, make sure to add some on your rooftop.


4. Since we're staying on the rooftop at night to watch the stars, then there's no need for strong lights. All you need is some candles and some lanterns. 


5. Last but not least, leave a space for a barbecue grill, because what are friends' gatherings without delicious food?

Main Photo Credits: Instagram @amelialiana