It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, or at least it should by now in your home. The red and green colors should be taking over your walls and doors, and little Christmas accessories should be placed around your living room. Snow globes with mini Christmas trees and mini snowmen are one of my favorite Christmas accessories, and the good news is, you can actually make it yourself. Here are the steps to DIY mason jar snow globe.

What you will need:

- Mason jar

- Mini Christmas tree and snowman figurine

- Small cotton balls

- Something to fake snow with (it could be cotton, tiny crystals or even salt or sugar)

- White thread

- Glue


1. Start by cutting out strands of thread. Don't make them too long, because they will dangle from the inner lid of the jar. Make sure they are all the same length.

2. Start gluing the small cotton balls to the white thread and leave them to dry for a few minutes. 

3. Next, you will glue one end of the threads to the inner lid of the mason jar. After the glue drys, add a piece of tape to the thread glued to the inner lid of the mason jar, just to make sure it sticks. 

4. Add the fake snow to the bottom of the mason jar. Fill up quarter of the jar with the fake snow. 

5. Insert the mini snowman and Christmas tree in the jar. Push them into the fake snow so that they stay in place. 

6. Cover the mason jar with the lid that has the thread strands and mini cotton balls glued to it. 

Voila, your very own mason jar snow globe. 

P.S. For an extra Christmas vibe, you can add a red ribbon tied around the mason jar. 

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