When I saw that you can actually make a DIY pillow with only 3 things, I couldn't help but quickly open and watch. I love the concept of DIYs but when they're easy and require minimal effort. So it would make sense that making a pillow would be one of the hard ones, but this one actually isn't. This a very easy no sew DIY pillow cover with braided edges. It's so easy and customizable so you can go crazy with the fabric shopping

You will need:

- Polyester pillow filing or any filling of your choice (you can also just use any pillow insert of that you have.

- Fabric of your choice

- Scissors


1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric of the same width and height (22 and 16 inches).

2. At each corner cut 3 inch squares.

3. Cut narrow strips along all side of the fabric.

4. Tie the strips into knots between both fabric pieces, just leave one open corner so you add the filling.

5. Keep adding the filling until the pillow is full and tie the remaining ends. 

You can watch this no-sew diy pillow tutorial below to follow the steps as you go...

Video Credits: WhatsUpMoms

Main Image Credits: Urban Outfitters