You probably hear the saying that goes: "What's broken can never be fixed". Well, as cliché as it may sound, you can't only mend the broken, but you can also make a new beautiful beginning! Don't you just feel frustrated, sad and in loss whenever you accidentally break one of your precious china plates? We feel you! Breaking these priceless stuff is inevitable. However, who said it should end here anyway? Instead of throwing away your valuable broken dish, this video will teach you how to smartly and easily use them to create very chic mosaic artworks that you'll actually love!

Things that you'll need:

1. Hammer

2. Tube-shaped bag (funnel)

3. Pliers

4. Paper plates

5. Leather gloves

6. Glue

Have a look at this video to know the steps you should follow:

DIY Credits: YouTube Jara Christensen

Main Image Credits: YouTube Jara Christensen