What Happened on Fustany's Instagram This Week?

Fustany Team
12/14/20, 12:00 AM

Do you follow Fustany's Instagram account? Well, whatever the answer is, we wanted to share with you snippets of the best, most helpful, and interesting Instagram posts that were posted during this past week.

A new week and a lot more exciting news happened throughout it. Starting with celebrity weddings, the start of #GratefulForIn2020 campaign, all the way to all the fashion and beauty tips that we can't survive without. Keep reading to see what happened on our Instagram last week.

1. Boushra ties the knot in 2020

Great news came along this week in the form of actress Boushra tying the knot. She got married to Egyptian businessman Soliman Heikal in a small celebration surrounded by close family members.

2. Ingy Elengbawy joins our #GratefulForIn2020 campaign

We wanted some positivity while saying goodbye to 2020 by sharing messages from celebrities from all over the Middle East telling us what they are grateful for this year including Ingy Elengbawy.

3. An easy way to apply creamy eyeshadows

One of the most beautiful makeup trends in 2020 was the creamy eyeshadow, so here is an easy tutorial on how to apply it perfectly.

4. Overshirts are taking over 2021 winter trends

Overshirts or the shirt jackets are dominating the winter 2021 trends and every fashion blogger is wearing it. Find out how to style shirt jackets here>>

5. Best vaginal wash in the market?

Taking care of your vagina is as -if not more- important as caring for the rest of your body. So, get to know the best vaginal washes in the market that you can safely use and you can click here to know the dos and don'ts of vaginal care after puberty.

6. Inspiring message in Cynthia Khalifeh's #GratefulForIn2020

Another contribution to our #GratefulForIn2020 campaign by actress & TV host Cynthia Khalifeh where she shared with us a very heartfelt and inspiring message.

7. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating are Pantone's colors of the year 2021

Every December we wait excitedly for Pantone to announce their color of the year. But for 2021, the selected two beautiful colors, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Check out the best ways to style Pantone's colors of the year 2021 together here>>


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