Are you looking for the best way for taking care of your vagina after puberty? Would you like to know the common mistakes that most girls make, so you can avoid them and know the correct way to keep your vagina healthy? Today we decided to tell you the things and products to avoid doing or using on your vagina after puberty.

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After puberty: What to not do or use on the vagina

Washing the vagina with soap and cleansers

Using scented soaps on the outside of the vagina is one of the most common mistakes because it is very harmful. If you really want to clean it from the outside, use a chemical-free unscented cleanser, but remember that the vagina is self cleaning. Also be careful not to spray perfume or deodorant in this area, for it could harm your vagina's health.

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Using vaginal douches

Vaginal douches are products that depend mainly on chemicals and are used to clean the vagina from the inside and it can get rid of not only harmful bacteria, but also the beneficial ones. So, it is not healthy at all and affects the acidity in the vagina and even affects the natural, healthy bacteria in the vagina. 

Note: Make sure when you're wiping, to go from front to back, so that you don't spread any harmful bacteria from the feces to the vagina.

Using hot water to clean the vagina

This is one of the biggest mistakes that girls can make after puberty, as it can harm the vagina and skin greatly. This area is really sensitive and you must treat it gently when cleaning it and use lukewarm water so it doesn't affect your skin.

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Forgetting to change your underwear for a long time

Personal hygiene is really important, especially after puberty. Your underwear needs to be clean and dry all the time. If it stays wet, it will not only create an unpleasant smell, but can also make create an environment for vaginal infections and cause irritation and itchiness. 

Taking advice from people

Most girls tend to talk to their friends or anyone for help, when it comes to products they have tried or heard were good. But every body is different and you never know what can not work for you or harm you because it's not right for your condition. This is why when you face any problem in your vagina, infections, itching, or an unpleasant odor, you must see to a doctor immediately because she/he will help you find the correct way to treat it. 

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Fear of visiting a doctor for infections

Vaginal infections are one of the most common problems that girls can face, but the vast majority of them are hesitant towards seeing a specialist doctor, but it's a lot easier and simpler than most people think. If you're facing a problem with your vagina do not hesitate to visit a gynecologist who will can help treat your problem and address your condition. If you have a problem with the skin in this sensitive area, you can also try visiting a dermatologist.

Incorrectly removing excess pubic hair

There are two types of girls: those who prefer not to remove their pubic hair and those who only prefer to remove hair in the bikini area. In fact, not removing it can help protect the vagina from any harmful bacteria that may reach it. If you choose to remove the hair around your bikini area, you should pay close attention to choosing the method that does not cause any irritation or bad reactions. You can ask your mom to help you choose the right method. You can remove that excess hair using a razor, but be careful to shave with the direction the hair is growing, so that it doesn’t get thicker. It’s better to use natural methods to remove the hair so avoid using chemicals on this sensitive area.

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Wearing tight clothing and synthetic fabrics

After puberty, some girls don’t take proper care of their bikini area, causing it to change color and darken. Taking care to avoid things that darken this area is easy. It’s preferable to choose loose cotton underwear that allows the skin to breathe and not to wear tight clothes all the time as sweating can make the bikini area dark and increase the risk of infections and bacteria. Therefore, care must be taken to clean and exfoliate the bikini area properly, taking care to moisturize the skin well after exfoliation to ensure its lightening.

Wearing pads for a long time

Most girls don’t know the correct way to deal with their vagina during their period. It’s important to know that sanitary pads must be changed every 3 to 4 hours to ensure that they do not accumulate bacteria. If you use tampons, you can change it every 6 hours, but try to not to keep it on for too long as well. Also don't forget to clean the vagina with water every time you change pads to ensure that the vagina is properly kept clean.

Using scented toilet paper or tissues

Most girls probably don't know that using scented or colored tissues or toilet paper is a mistake. It can make the vaginal area dry and highly susceptible to infections and bacteria. That is why we recommend you replace these with soft, unscented toilet paper to ensure it does not affect your vagina.

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