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Nine Facts Every Woman Needs to Know About Vaginal Discharge

Fustany Team
8/27/20, 12:00 AM

Many women experience vaginal discharge, which is perfectly normal most of the time. As a woman, there are nine facts you need to know about vaginal discharge. From the normal amount and type of vaginal discharge, to any abnormal changes associated to your menstrual cycle, we'll tell you all about it. Because females are bound to deal with vaginal discharge on a daily basis, we decided to round up facts every woman needs to know about vaginal discharge.

1. Vaginal discharge is a thick fluid that comes out of your vagina and it's something every woman has in her body. It is a natural way to keep your vagina healthy, clean and flush out any possible bacteria.

2. Your vaginal discharge should be white/transparent and odorless. However, its color might change according to your health, well-being and menstrual flow.

3. The normal amount of vaginal discharge per day is almost the size of a teaspoon.

4. If you have noticed that you produce lots of vaginal discharge, then don’t freak out, it’s completely normal. Actually, a healthy woman should produce lots of vaginal discharge per day, that's why you might need to wear panty liners.

5. White and thick vaginal discharge is bound to be present towards the end of your menstrual cycle. While brown or reddish brown discharge may occur when you’re half way through your period or even right after you finish. On the other hand, a vaginal discharge of any other color is an indication of an infection, which means you must consult with your doctor.

6. The amount, color, frequency and thickness of vaginal discharge varies from one woman to another. 

7. What most married women don’t know about vaginal discharge, is that it helps the sperms and maximizes the chances of fertilization of eggs.

8. Since the vaginal discharge you produce keeps your vagina moist, too much vaginal douches can disturb the balance of your vagina, by killing the yeast and bacteria which leaves your vagina dry and more prone to infections.

9. It’s quite common to have more vaginal discharge than normal during your pregnancy.


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