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10 Foods for a Healthier Vagina

Fustany Team
10/26/20, 12:00 AM

Did you know that what you eat has an effect on your vagina? Any imbalances, too much salt or fried food in your system, might not give you the desired outcome you want for your privates. Incorporating healthy foods in your daily diet is not just good for your hair or skin, it also promotes cleanliness and freshness for your vagina. So, if you’re wandering how to keep your “down there” in tip top shape and smelling awesome, then read up on our lists of 10 foods that will keep your vagina healthy!

1. Yogurt for healthier vagina

Yogurt is known to have all the ‘friendly bacteria’ in the world. It can fight the bacteria present in your privates and turn them into good bacteria instead of bad ones.

2. Pineapples

Eating pineapples can make your vagina smell oh-so-pleasant. Yes, it does work! Make sure to stock up on pineapples, they’re good for you! 



Click here and we'll show you how to make a delicious pineapple smoothie! 

3. Strawberries

They’re known to be sex food. These little red gems have a marvelous fresh taste which will reflect on your vagina. Remember this the next time you hit the grocery store.

4. Cranberry

Whether it is liquid or a solid fruit, cranberries have the ability to balance out the pH levels in your entire vagina. Did we mention that it's also oh-so-good for treating urinary infections?

5. Avocados

They act as an instant libido booster! Believe it or not, the minerals and vitamins in avocados can actually strengthen the walls of your vagina! Here is a really good recipe on how to make an avocado salmon salad. 


6. Sweet Potatoes for a stonier vagina

Not only are they sweet and delicious to eat, they help contribute to a healthy vagina and produce the necessary hormones your body needs to stay energized. Since they are high in Vitamin A, sweet potatoes help strengthen the muscle tissue for a strong vagina wall. 

How to make sweet potato fries: Spread thin-sliced sweet potatoes on a baking sheet after adding garlic powder, salt and pepper as seasoning and leave it in the oven until well cooked. Describing it as delicious won't do it justice!


7. Almonds

Is there anything almonds can’t do? Not only do they serve as a healthy snack, but due to the fact they are high in zinc, which help normalize your menstural cycle and hormones, keeping your vagina oh so healthy. Oh, and they keep your vaginal muscles strong, and we need them muscles strong for baby delivery! 

8. Water

Of course you know the endless benefits of water, and one of the important ones is for your vagina. Loading up on water and staying hydrated leads to a properly functioning vagina. One of the key functions of a healthy functioning vagina is its capability to self clean itself, so the more you load up on water, the more you are encouraging your vagina to be healthy. Be sure to read up on 11more reasons you should drink water here. 

9. Garlic

I know I know you’re probably thinking how can something as smelly as garlic help keep your vagina healthy. There is no need to eat raw garlic, just add some of it to your cooking and it will help fight any yeast infections. Let’s face it, no vagina is happy with a yeast infection.

10. Coconut oil lead to healthy vagina

We know the hype on coconut oil is insane, but we’ve got to give credit, where credit is due. Coconut oil helps keep your vagina lubricated and keeps the infections away, leaving your vagina ultra healthy.

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