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Pre-puberty: What to Avoid Doing and Using on Your Vagina

Jasmine Kamal
12/1/20, 12:00 AM

Are you a mother or older sister looking to help your daughter or sister with her vaginal health? Or you're a girl who hasn't hit puberty yet looking for information? In any case, there are a lot of misinformation about vaginal care. A lot of things can be doing more harm than good. So, today we decided to talk to you about the things and products to avoid doing or using on your vagina pre-puberty...

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Before puberty: What to not do or use on the vagina

1. 'Cleaning the vagina' with scented soap

In a shower we want to feel fresh and clean every part of our body, and so some people use their body wash on the vagina as well to have it smell great and feel clean. But, actually this is a very sensitive area which needs special care unlike the rest of the body. Perfumed soaps and washes  can cause major infections and bad reactions. Your vagina actually knows how to clean itself. It is enough for you gently pass warm water over the vagina.

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2. Shaving pubic hair

Hair growth may be increase before or as you approach puberty, which leads many girls to wanting to remove it by shaving. However, please remember that razors are a really sharp tool, with which you can cut yourself and cause harm in this sensitive area. Instead, you can trim long hairs with scissors and your mom or any trusted adult for help with hair removal so you don't harm yourself.

3. Cleaning the vagina with scented wipes

Girls, especially younger girls, think that scented wipes are not harmful, and that they can clean and sterilize. This could be true when it comes to using them on your hands, but not for cleaning the vagina! Instead, you can use soft, fragrance-free medical tissues. It will help you gently dry the vagina without harming it.

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4. Using body lotions on the vagina

We know that you want to keep your body soft and smooth from a young age, which of course is wonderful, but remember, again, that the vagina is not like the rest of your body. So, you should not use body lotion on it, for it will not moisturize it, but it will cause you sensitivity and maybe even bad reactions. You don't need to moisturizer it, it will naturally stay soft and as it should be.

5. Vaginal washes

If you're a younger sister and you find your sister or your mom using a vaginal wash, don't let you curiosity allow you to try it and do the same. Each age group has its own products and vaginal washes, shouldn't be used at a young age especially because they could do some harm. The vagina at this stage is probably not exposed to things that strongly affect it, like periods, marriage and so on.

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6. Spray or putting fragrance on the vagina

Well, we know that perfume and scents are loved by many, but they are not for sensitive areas. The vagina is not an area where any perfumes or products with fragrances can be tried on. It could immediately cause sensitivity or even a reaction and some say it can be extremely dangerous as well. 

7. Wearing very tight underwear

It is not always preferable to wear really tight underwear for a long time. The fact that you're still means that you spend a lot of time at home or wearing school uniform, so you do not need to wear really tight underwear. It is preferable to wear mostly slightly loose cotton ones, so your bikini area can breathe.

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8. Constantly having on tight jeans

It's not much different from tight underwear. Likewise, tight jeans do the same thing. It could also make things worse because they feel stiff and rough. Try to not wear them everyday and give yourself a break from them so they don't increase the possibility of an infection.

9. Using daily sanitary pads (daily liners)

You're still young and might not have a lot of persistent vaginal secretions. So you don't need to use daily pads before puberty.

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