Many women have recently started using panty liners on a daily basis. Panty liners are now part of women's personal hygiene routine, specially after their period ends, to help with any spotting or vaginal discharge. Before getting used to wear panty liners, read along to know how these daily pads can affect your vagina, and find out the right way to wear them.

1. Before wearing your panty liner, make sure to wash your hands very well, in order to avoid transferring any harmful bacteria. Then, you should wash your hands once again after you're done.

2. It's preferable to use unscented panty liners, to minimize any chances of vaginal itching or inflammation. 

3. Make sure to change your daily liner at least every five hours. You need to keep yourself fresh and clean to avoid infections.

4. Don't sleep while you're wearing a panty liner, as your skin would want to breathe properly during that time.

5. Panty liners can be worn before or after your period, but not while you're menstruating - they're not meant for soaking heavy discharge like your period blood.

6. If you have sensitive skin, try to choose panty liners with cotton extract. They're gentle enough for daily use, and won't irritate your vagina.