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14 Signs You Are PMSing

Omnia Ibrahim
4/24/19, 12:00 AM

Are you feeling a little strange lately, but just can't figure out what is wrong? Well, you maybe PMSing! We've wrote a list of 14 signs you are PMSing, and you are bound to find one of your symptoms here. If not, then at least you'll find the answers to all the weird things that happen to you while waiting for your period.

So, without further a due, read up on the 14 signs you are PMSing:

1. One of the major signs you are PMSing, is the lack of sleep, due to the low amount of estrogen in your body. 

2. Negativism is also a sign that you maybe PMSing. If you are feeling down, or have many negative thoughts towards people, you might want to check if you are PMSing or not. 

3. Your reactions are a bit dramatic. For example, over reacting or crying over the smallest problems. 

4. Constantly feeling like your head hurts and experiencing headaches are definitely signs you are PMSing. 

5. Ever noticed how you eat a lot of chocolate, sweets and ice-cream right before you get your period? That is because they send endorphins to your brain, making you happier.

6. A clear sign that you are PMSing is finding pimples and acne around your face

7. You are feeling overly sensitive, for example, unable to take comments from people in a light manner.

8. They say never remove body hair when you are PMSing. Why? Because when you are PMSing, actions such as hair removal hurt a lot more than if you weren’t PMSing. The best time to remove body hair is right after your period.

9. Another sign that you maybe PMSing, is when you have weird food cravings. For example, suddenly feeling hungry and craving certain foods, or not feeling hungry at all. 

10. Feeling tired and dizzy all of a sudden is definetly one of the major signs you maybe be PMSing. 

11. I am sure all you ladies can relate to this sign that you maybe PMSing; bloating. You have trouble getting dressed because you feel like your stomach along with your entire body is just so bloated.

12. You’ve probably never noticed this, but one of the signs that you maybe PMSing is your sudden urge to watch chick flicks and romantic comedies. 

13. Changes in body temperature, feeling so hot that you need to a cold shower, or feeling so cold that you want to snuggle under the covers. Can you relate?

14. Take it from us, invest in a bra a size bigger than your other ones, as one of the signs you maybe PMSing is that you notice a change in the size of your breasts.


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