The first time a girl gets her period can be a stressful moment for both the daughter and her mother, for each of them is looking for the best way to handle and understand this change. 

A lot of girls panic when they get their first period. As for the moms, some of them shy away or avoid talking about it with their daughters. However, let me tell you that if you have a girl, there will come a time where you have to talk to and prepare your daughter for her first period

And since we know this is not an easy thing to do and some moms might not know when to start or what to say, here's some tips on how to prepare your daughter for her first period...

Read a lot about periods

Yes, not just because you're a women and a mother, you immediately know everything there is to know about periods. There are actually passed on incorrect information about periods, so before you talk to her, you want to try as much as you can to gather valid information that can help explain things to her and prepare her. 

Choose the right age & time to talk to your daughter about periods...

Not all girls get their periods at the same age. The average age is around 11-14 and some girls even get it before or after that. This depends on a genetic and different health factors. You can start talking to your daughter around the age of 10 or 11 about periods. Just make sure you're careful with your timing, for example, make sure she's in the right mindset to focus and listen and that the environment is calm and welcoming. You can even take her to talk in private so she doesn't shy away. 

Talk to her about the mental health changes that happen with getting her period...

Don't leave her to be shocked by the effects of her period cycle and PMS on her mental health. Talk to her about what she might experience from agitation, anger, depression, sadness and even anxiety for some girls. Also don't forget to talk about the changes she will start to notice in her body. Explain to her why all of this happens and that a lot of girls and women go through it and it's okay to talk about it. That way she can become aware and understanding of these emotions when they happen. 

Avoid just focusing on the negatives 

When you talk to her, try to not focus too much on the negatives, like the pain. Of course, it is good to help prepare her for everything by giving her knowledge about it, but you also want her to stay strong and not become terrified of it, understanding that it is common and normal.

Remind her that it's nothing to be ashamed of!

It is very important that you remind her that her period is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or be shy of talking about. Explain to her that all girls go through this and this a vital part of becoming a woman. 

Introduce her to the different types of feminine hygiene products

A lot of girls don't start of knowing a lot about what they need and sanitary pads. You should teach her about the different types of feminine hygiene products and how to pick what she needs. You might also want to buy her some pads to keep in her cupboard for when she needs them.

Help her learn how to use sanitary pads or feminine hygiene products

One of the problems I personally faced when I got my first period was that my mother didn't really explain to me how to use sanitary period pads, which caused me a lot of confusion and worrying. So teach her how to use them, so that she can see that it's easy and there's nothing to worry about. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @margoandme