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I Tried a Tampon... And I Liked It!

Fustany Team
9/13/17, 12:00 AM

Yep, you heard it right, I half-quoted Katy Perry to express my acceptance of tampons. You see, I was always curious to try tampons; how do they work, how can they absorb that much, are they safe, and how can I ever manage to insert them down there. It seemed scary, and kind of a big deal! So I researched, asked a couple of my friends, then researched - yes, again. After that, I waited for my period, tried tampons, and here is my feedback...

1. No, tampons are not small penises, and they do not make you lose your virginity!

Tackling the virginity point; whether you are a virgin or not, you can use tampons as they should not break your hymen (which is not a factor of virginity, but that's a different topic). In very rare cases, like extreme sports and horse back riding, it "might" happen, but if you follow the instructions correctly you have nothing to worry about. Ask your gynecologist in case you're in doubt or if you have a specific medical condition.

Coming to the "penises" part, we all have that fearful image, and apparently it is wrong! After I bought them, I found out that tampons are actually soft and small in size, which kind of eased that whole process of insertion.

And here is what I have done: I read the instructions carefully, washed my hands well, looked at it, took a couple of slow breaths in order to release my tension, located my vaginal opening (where it should be inserted), focused on relaxing my muscles down there, then gently pushed it in and voila...I was done!

2. Yes, it feels a little bit uncomfortable, but...

Only 5 to 10 minutes maximum, then I really forgot it's there. It is also somehow psychologically related, if you keep focusing on it, you will feel uncomfortable. So just insert it as instructed and go swim, dance, just move on with your day!

3. Apparently, tampons absorb like pads!

Because they seem little in size compared to normal pads, I thought there is no way they can absorb that much. But turns out I am wrong, tampons expand in size to absorb all the fluids. You just need to change it according to your flow - I changed it every 3 hours to make sure I am on the safe side.

There are also different sizes to choose from like pads, so you pick the size of the tampon that fits best with your flow. I haven't tried sleeping with it yet to be honest, but I was comfortable enough to go for a run or do sports, unlike pads, which never made me feel free when wearing them.

4. What if the tampon got lost in there?!

Guess what...I found out that it is not possible for a tampon to get lost inside of you, and that's science talking not me. It will stay in your vagina after you've inserted it. The opening of the cervix at the bottom of the uterus is too small for something as big as a tampon to get through, and the only other opening is through your cervix at the top of your vagina, however, it is too small for a tampon to pass through.

Conclusion: No need to worry about that!  And by the way, tampons have a string at one end that usually stays outside of your body. You can remove the tampon at any time using that string. Although it's possible for the string to go inside, but don't worry or panic when that happens, as you'll usually be able to feel the tampon and pull it out.

5. Pads vs. tampons... I will still pick pads!

This review is meant to be honest and beneficial for other women; for me tampons are not for everyday use. It is not because they are painful or uncomfortable, it is just easier for me in my daily routine to frequently change a pad rather then a tampon.

6. However, I can no longer live without tampons, because...

I wanted to go for a swim when I was travelling, and I had my period. The tampon was perfectly handy for that, here is why:
- I was able to swim confidently, instead of being grounded and wasting my vacation time.
- For those who already swim while having their period, I did not need to run out of the water and rush to a bathroom, in fear of dropping blood here or there.
- I was super comfortable when I went out and stayed under the sun while I'm on my period, like a normal human being.

7. Eek! Do they leak?

Phew, no, and they are safe! I made sure to ask a gynecologist before I use it, and she confirmed positively that tampons are absolutely safe to use, you just have to change them as frequently as you should.

8. And now, some recommendations:

- Use it in the last 2 days of your period if you are trying it for the first steps.
- Don't forget to remove the tampon before inserting a new one, yes some women do forget!



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