A lot of women still pursue working out during their period, some presume that it will increase the pain and blood flow and others feel like their physical health during their period is too intense for them to be able to get up. The truth is it's not as painful and horrible as a lot of people think!

If you're thinking of working out during your period, it's important that you read the points below:

1. Of course, all of you ladies have heard about PMS and that it differs from one person to another. If you experience bad PMS you know how mentally and physically exhausting it can be. The change in hormones affect our body and our pain tolerance. Did you know that working out can actually help with PMS symptoms? During exercise, your body releases endorphins which help lift your mood and help with minimizing period pain.

2. Period cramps are horrible and sometimes unbearable. Exercising helps with blood flow and circulation which in return help reduce the dreadful period cramps.

3. Starting a workout on your period is not easy in the beginning and takes strength to initiate the process. However, it takes only around 10 minutes for your body to heat up and mask/reduce the pain.

4. Workouts help give you a boost of energy and liveliness and during our period we feel drained and exhausted. So getting in touch with your fitness will help get you out of that rut.

5. You should avoid intense, rough or hard workouts especially during your first days of period. You could try yoga or cardio that's not too intense. *You also need to avoid any exercises or yoga poses that turn your pelvic region upside down because it might disturb your period and cause pain.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @headstandsandheels