A lot of moms suffer with finding a toy at every corner in the house. As she walks her round the living room she manages to find herself bumping over a toy with every step of the way. So the closest thing she can get to have somewhat less of a mess is creating a kids corner or play area where everything has its place. It's also a great opportunity to get creative with the decor and make the space look fun and cosy. So take a look at some tips for kids corner ideas at home as well as some really cute spaces that you can save for inspiration at the gallery below. 

Making Room for Toy Storage

Open shelves or cute boxes are a great way to manage the mess and overflow of toys. Having a kids corner is the first step, now you just need to make sure everything has a place to be stored in or displayed at the end of the day. 

Space for Books

We all want our kids to love reading so we start buying them books from a very young age so they can practice and enjoy it. However, books take a lot of space and can be messy so you can create an organized space for books and categorize them into school books, coloring books and stories so they can find what they want easily.

A Corner for Playing Freely

Kids love to move and play around freely in the space they're in, wether it's a boy or a girl. Make sure to recognize their interests and create the play area for them customized for that. If they like kitchen tools, get them a small kitchen and place it in the corner and if they're into sports, you can make them a mini court. 

Cozy Rest Area

There should be a little comfy rest area next to their play area so they can relax after running around to read or make puzzles. You can add a small, really cute tent and make it cosy with fairy lights and pillows. You could also get them a hammock or a safe comfortable swing that they can rest on. 

Study Corner

Just like there's a play area, there should be a study corner with small desk, a place for their books, pencils, pens and colors. Also, don't forget to add a lamp so they can see and read properly when they're studying or doing their homework.


Main Image Credits: Etsy Via Pinterest