Once Upon a time in Germany, a psychologist named Sigmund Freud gave his patients papers for them to draw on whatever came on their minds, he would study it and learn what they couldn't express in words and by practicing this they would eventually feel better. So on his way to discover many amazing things about our psychology, like the subconscious, he also established what was later known as Art Therapy.

Whether you are going through a hard time in your life or recovering from a certain incident, there are many things one can do to get better. Practicing art therapy at home, even if you are not an artist is one of them. It may help unravel hidden things about ourselves and also help us relax, unwind and forget about our worries.

There are so many artistic activities you can engage yourself in that could literally change your mood and perspective to the better. It can help you become more balanced, open to life and content. Here are 7  ideas for doing art therapy at home:

Coloring Mandala

One of the easiest things to do is Mandala. Mandala is basically drawings of geometric figures combined together. It is Indian in origin, and over the past years, it has been helping people fight stress and anxiety. All you have to do is color these shapes and enjoy the pleasantness that comes along.

Drawing or Painting

If you are into drawing or even if you aren’t, you can express yourself through drawing or even oil painting. Try to step outside your comfort zone and attend an oil painting class and who knows you might end up really happy with what you learn. You can also let the brush do whatever it wants without worrying about if the result is pretty or not. Just enjoy the brush strokes and colors and forget about how it looks.


Unlike what we believe, anyone can actually sing, and even though some people have it naturally, anyone can learn how to sing if they learn the proper techniques and through practicing. Singing has been proven to improve your mood and decrease stress levels. So go ahead and sign up for that singing class without hesitation.


You don’t have to be Jane Austin, but keeping a personal diary can make wonders to your life. Just  get a notebook and make it your personal private space where you can say anything about anyone. You’ll be surprised by the amount of heaviness and stress that will be released into words. Thoughts that are overwhelming you can start to make sense and you will look back at your writing and learn more about yourself and your life.

Dance and choreography

Dance is with no doubt...art and a very unique form of art. And using dance as therapy isn’t just about taking dance classes and learning your favorite dance. You can also take it a step further and learn how to choreograph dances and design your own moves. Just think about the fun you’ll be having!

Learning a new instrument

Learning to play a new instrument might be exactly what you need. It will help you focus and improve your memory and brain functions. You will finally be able to play your favorite songs and make your own if you like.


Acting is a very vibrant form of self-expression, you use every bone and muscle and emotion you have. It can drastically transform your life around and help you overcome many emotional obstacles.

Finally, remember when you decide to try any of these things, that you are doing it for fun and as a healing method, so don’t stress on how good you are and just focus on how relaxed, calm or happy it makes you feel.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @dariacallie