Bath time for the kids can be a little tricky and sometimes you want to entertain them with something fun and more interesting than a rubber duck. A lot of people love bath bombs, they're so fun, colorful and kids will absolutely love them. However, bath bombs might not be safest for kids because some of them contain ingredients that can be harmful to your child's skin.

You can now actually find bath bombs for kids that are specifically made safe for their skin. However, sometimes they can be a bit pricey or hard to find so if you're looking for an easy accessible option, how about you make DIY bath bombs for your kids at home. It's really easy and fun and you can customize it according to the things what love...



- 1 cup baking soda (the main ingredient for any bath bomb)

- 1/3 cup citric acid (safe for children's skin, as well as adults)

- 3 Tbsp of starch

- 1 Tbsp of coconut oil

- 1 tsp food coloring

- 2 tsp camomile oil (One of the oils that are nice and safe for children's skin)

- Colored beads or balls (you can find these at any kids store, just make sure you child is old enough to not swallow them)

- A mold for shaping the bath bomb ( You can buy butterfly molds or sphere molds depending on what your kid prefers)


Image Credits: Via Pinterest 

Here's how to make fizzy bath bombs for kids:

1. Mix together the baking soda, starch and citric acid.

2. In another bowl mix the coconut oil, camomile and food coloring. 

3. Mix the dry ingredients in step 1 and the wet ingredients in step 2 together.

4. Mix them really well and fast using a whisk.

5. Once the mixture starts to look like it can be formed into a ball, you can stop whisking.

6. Place the colored balls at the bottom of the mold of your choice.

7. Now press the mixture into the mold really well.

8. Leave it for 24 hours before releasing it from the mold and using it during bath time. 

Main Image Credits: Honestly Mommy