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Wall Colors You Should Avoid in Every Room of Your Home

Mariam Youssef
7/20/22, 9:50 AM

Whether you’re in the process of furnishing and painting your new home or you’re considering renovating your existing home, there are many aspects to consider, from lighting to wall colors to furniture. Today, we want to talk about the choice of colors in your home. Although your home is your free space, where you can do whatever you want, you might want to consider a few things that can truly make a difference in the renovation process and make it way better. That’s why we decided to talk about the colors that you should avoid in your home according to interior designers.

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We’ll talk about each room in your house and the colors you should stay away from to enjoy a more inviting space. All the below pictures are examples of the colors you should avoid.

- Living Room 

wall colors you should avoid fustany


Although this color may seem appealing to some people due to its variable shades, it’s quite a dull color to be in a living room. As its name suggests, the living room is where you spend most of your time, watching TV, playing video games, eating, and, sometimes, sleeping. That’s why you want this room to look as inviting and lively as possible. Brown doesn’t really bring life to a room; on the contrary, it makes it look boring and uninspiring. If you like darker colors, you can opt for a dark blue shade, such as teal. Blue is one of the colors that reflect energy and vibrancy, which is the vibe you should be looking for.

Blush Pink

Blush pink used to be one of the most popular shades for wall painting. However, it’s no longer fashionable and, according to interior designers, it doesn’t have a place in your living room. Even though blush pinks are calming and beautiful, they may end up making your living room look too feminine (unless this is what you’re going for).


Right off the bat, black is a no-no for living rooms. Unless you have the space for it, a tiny hint of black won’t be an issue. Nonetheless, it is best to stay away from this color if you don’t want your space to look dingy, dark, and dull.

- Bedroom 

wall colors you should avoid fustany

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Your bedroom is the one place in your house where you should feel peaceful, calm, and relaxed. Painting your bedroom walls red will have the exact opposite effect. Red, especially a bright shade, is one of the colors that raises energy and excitement levels. It may even evoke emotions like passion and anger and you certainly don’t need these feelings before bedtime.

Lime Green

While green is one of the colors that send tranquility and peaceful vibes, lime green is a shade you should avoid in your bedroom. This shade is bright and vibrant that would fit better in a lively space like the living room.

Orange and Yellow

Waking up to sunny tones in your bedroom can make you ready and cheerful in the morning. Unfortunately, before bedtime, these colors won’t help you unwind peacefully and will make you end up not sleeping properly. These bright colors are usually preferred for playrooms or exercise spaces.

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- Kitchen 

wall colors you should avoid fustany

Bright White

While the concept of all-white kitchens has always been a favorite for most people since it’s considered a timeless classic, bright white may look clinical. So, if you’re going for white, make sure you choose a warmer shade and incorporate other shades to make it look more interesting and lively.

Bright Yellow

You want your kitchen to be a place of peace and enjoyment. Painting your kitchen walls bright yellow will add a sense of chaos. There is already a lot that’s going on in your kitchen, such as furniture, light fixtures, and everything else. Therefore, you need to stay away from this shade.


Many people may choose this color since it’s a timeless, safe choice. However, it may make your kitchen space look lifeless and boring. It is best to choose a riskier shade that makes you happy and make your kitchen pop.

- Kids’ Room

wall colors you should avoid fustany

There isn’t a specific color you should stay away from. Kids’ rooms should always look happy, inviting, and cheerful. As long as you stay away from dark, dull colors, you should be good to go. Who will paint their kids’ room black or brown anyway?

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- Bathroom 

wall colors you should avoid fustany


This shade can make your bathroom look unappealing and dated according to interior designers. It also looks uninviting and it decreases energy, making your guests want to leave the place as soon as they enter it.


Aside from being a dark, gloomy wall color, black can affect the lighting in your bathroom, which can make it challenging for you to apply makeup or groom yourself. Darker shades can absorb the light and make the space dull.


Although designers approve of green for almost all rooms, it is frowned upon when it comes to bathrooms as it can make you uncomfortable and uneasy.

- Hallway

wall colors you should avoid fustany


Once again, we come to red as a no-no color for the hallway or reception area. Red is a bold color that may look threatening and unwelcoming. You may use red as an accent color for a single wall or decoration, but not as the mail wall color.


Black is intimidating, so your guests may not feel easy when they enter your house, especially if it’s the first color they see. And as we mentioned before, you shouldn’t choose black as a wall color unless you have the space for it because it can make any room look small, dull, and gloomy.

Dark Shades of Blue, Green, Purple, and Gray

Interior designers don’t recommend these shades because the hallway should be an inviting, welcoming space. And these shades tend to have negative effects on mood and energy levels.

Finally, we want to confirm that your choice of colors is solely based on your personal preference. We’re just listing the interior designers’ opinions and suggestions. If you feel like a certain color will make you happy, by all means, use it as wall paint. There are no rules, only suggestions.

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