If you are setting up your newlywed home or simply moving to a new house, it must be very confusing for you to list down all the house essentials for every room. We've shared with you before the things every woman should have in her bathroom, and today we are listing down everything you need to have in your bedroom. Print out or screenshot the following lines and you'll easily have a full bedroom essentials checklist.

30 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Bathroom Cabinet

Home Essentials List: 30 Things You Need in the Bedroom

1. A suitable sized bed.

2. Pillows.

3. Bed matress.

4. A nightstand or bedside table.


5. A closet or wardrobe to fit all your belongings.

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6. A dresser for your beauty products and perfumes.

7. A small chest or box for your jewelry and accessories.

8. A large or full length mirror.

9. A small chair or ottoman.


10. A coat rack.

11. A chandelier or ceiling spot lights.

12. A lamp (standing or wall fixed as prefered).

13. A small reading lamp.

14. Bed sheets and pillow cases.

15. A blanket, comforter or duvet.


16. Fancy bed covers.

17. An alarm clock for the bedside table.

18. A small radio (optional).

19. Candles and candle holders.

20. Books or magazines (for the book lovers).

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21. Frames, posters or art works to decorate the walls.


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22. Carpets for the floor.

23. Curtains for the windows or balcony.

24. Small boxes for storage.

25. Tissue boxes.

26. A small vase with artificial flowers.


27. A TV if you want one in the bedroom with a shelf for it.

28. An AC or electric fan for the summer.

29. A heater for winter.

30. A small trash bin.

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