It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I couldn’t be more excited for the Christmas spirit! And what manifests the beautiful Christmas spirit more than Christmas home decorations?

Every family has their own traditions when it comes to decorating for Christmas, but how about trying something new? Are you starting to lean more towards modern Christmas decor? It's so beautiful, simple and very chic.

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Scroll down to see the chic modern Christmas decor ideas...

1. The Colors


Modern Christmas decorations consist of simpler and more neutral color combinations, like white, gold and silver. Of course, you can add color, but in a more modern way, where the color is consistent throughout the entire home or your theme. It doesn't have to be exact color matches, but in the same color family. Or you can pick completely 2 opposing colors for a cool contrast. 

2. The Christmas Tree


Again, the colors are more organized, consistent and they go well together. The ornaments are also modern, chic and there's less tinsel and more lights.

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3. The Stockings

undefinedThis is where you can start to get a little creative and even have fun with your kids by making the stockings yourselves. They're easy, cute and customizable so you can fit them into the modern theme you're going for this year. 

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4. Have a Theme 


In general, just make sure you have a theme, at least for every room. This is considered a more modern approach for decor. Being consistent and tying everything together nicely will give you that chic modern look you're looking for. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @betterhomesandgardens