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Rock Your Office Outfits Just Like Sylvie Grateau!

Mariam Youssef
1/1/23, 12:00 PM

If Sylvie Grateau is known for saying one thing, it’s her memorable phrase, “that is so American.” However, we have to pay a special tribute to her not-so-American style! Her unique office outfits and effortless elegance are what make her stand out in a tough fashion competition between her and other cast members of Emily in Paris. Today, we’re going to show you how to rock your office outfits just like Sylvie Grateau.

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Orange and Pink

Image credit: @Philippine Leroy Beaulieu

This winter is all about colors, and we’re so here for it! Sylvie wore an orange blouse with a pink front-split, ruched skirt and styled them with pink leather, knee-length boots and an orange belt. This look is daring yet classy and unique. However, you don’t have to stick to every detail in this outfit. You may replace the boots with black ones to tone the look down a bit. You can also opt for flare pink pants instead of the skirt and style them with pink high heels.

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Orange and White

Image credit: @emilyinparisoutfits

In case you haven’t noticed, bright orange is so in this winter, so expect to see it everywhere on the streets and all over social media. You can style orange in so many different ways; it goes with pink as seen in the previous example and it also goes very well with white. This is more of a safe color combo, yet it’s still vibrant and chic. Make sure you choose pieces that stand out to make you look special. Sylvie chose these high-waist white cotton pants and styled them with a draped orange blouse. The gold accessories go beautifully with this look; however, if you have cool-toned skin, go for silver accessories.

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All-Black Outfit

Image credit: @Philippine Leroy Beaulieu

No matter what colors and shades are trendy and fashionable, nothing beats the good old black. It will always have its own kind of elegance and will never fail to steal the show. While the very low plunge may not be ideal for work, you can go for more coverage and choose unique gold accessories to make your plain black outfit stand out. Moreover, choose unique sunglasses that will elevate your look and make it more elegant.

Trench Coat / Dress

Have you ever thought about styling your long trench coat as a dress? Well, Sylvie did it and it looks mind-blowing. You can always wear a sweater and stockings underneath to stay warm, but the whole idea is to button up your trench coat and add a statement belt to make your look more professional, feminine, and stylish. Finish the look with elegant heels to dress the part.

Gray Suit and Faux Leather Pumps

Sylvie knows when to turn heads with her bright colors and when to tone things down. This gray suit, or any gray suit of your choice, may look plain and ordinary. But the addition of Viva Magenta leather pumps makes the whole look come together. If you want to zhuzh the outfit a little bit more, you can add accessories of the same color in a subtle way.

Metallic Thread Blouse

Wearing a black pencil skirt to work is a favorite of ours, but styling it is surely something Sylvie Grateau knows how to do. This metallic blouse is the statement piece that highlights the outfit. The accessories also play a huge role in making this outfit special. Since the blouse is already eye-catching enough, wearing small gold earrings completes the whole look.

Staple Office Suit

This simple yet gorgeous outfit is a work staple that every businesswoman should own. An office suit with an above-knee pencil skirt and a wrap blazer is everything you need to show everyone who the boss is! The accessories in this outfit are mandatory; the choice of shoes, bags, jewelry, and sunglasses make this look complete.

Purple Coat Over a Dress

Putting on your little black dress will always make you stand out, but the addition of the purple coat makes this outfit extremely eye-catching and more likable. Sylvie chose to wear this coat over her shoulders, which adds a sense of fashion and elegance to it. You may follow in her footsteps and choose purple, but you may also choose any other bright color that works for you and your skin tone.

Black and White Checkered Coat

Speaking of coats, they can take your simple outfit to another level. Sylvie styled a pink blouse with a black skirt and layered a black and white checkered coat on top to make the whole look come together. Don’t be afraid to play around with printed coats as they can make your look elevate from 6/10 to 10/10.

Silver Pant Suit and Green Shirt

Are you bold enough to pull off a silver suit at work? Well, maybe not to the usual office days, but you can wear it to special work events or after-work parties. Pairing this suit with a green shirt takes it to a whole new level of elegance and professionalism.

Black Sheath Dress

Image credit: @emilyinparisoutfits

This piece of gold never gets old and we hope it never does. The LBD is always in fashion and a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Sylvie has worn plenty of different black dresses on the show, but this one stands out because of how simple yet elegant it is. What makes it even more special is the gold accessories and that brooch that adds exactly what this outfit needs – charm!

No one can deny Sylvie Grateau’s sense of fashion in Emily in Paris. She knows how to dress the part, look elegant, and slay! While many of the show’s fans prefer Emily’s style, we’re sure that plenty of you will gravitate towards Sylvie’s style more since it’s work-appropriate and less controversial. Now, tell us; which outfit is your favorite?



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