The tables have turned, and skinny jeans are out of the question. Remember that time around 2007-2012 where anything wide leg, flared, or any jeans with a structure for that matter were deemed horrendous, well now it’s the opposite. We wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of skinny jeans; this might sound like an over exaggeration but we're not kidding. Instead, opt for straight fit or boyfriend jeans (which are technically the new tightest form of the latter of jeans acceptable right now). Our personal favorites are the wide leg ones, or the full 90s cut version. We don’t know if we personally love or hate the idea of skinny jeans being out of fashion, but their alternative is also so much comfier as well as it serves great for streetwear looks. So, without further a due, below are the 10 denim trends of 2022, that you need to know about. 

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1. Levis 501 Jeans

Denim trends of 2022

Image credits:  Denimology, Jeanne Damas

These are the Levi 501s, this year’s most popular jeans fit of the popular retailer. As you can see the fit is not skinny, but a slim version of boyfriend jeans. This way you can still add definition to your body while having the comfort and look of looser fitting jeans.

2. Asymmetrical waistlines

Denim trends of 2022

Image credits:  na-kd, Karen Wazen

These jeans have been all over our Instagram, and whilst we were contemplating at first whether we should try them out we seriously want to at this point. The whole point of asymmetrical jeans is that the waistline is well, asymmetrical. Notice how the top two parts of denim (where the button and zipper are) overlap in a very aesthetically pleasing way, it honestly looks quite flattering too.

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3. Patchwork Jeans

Denim trends of 2022

Image credits: The Ragged PriestGigi Larsen

This look is also something we’ve been seeing lately, and we love the idea. It’s self-explanatory, patches of denim are layered on one another. The twist to our classic pair of jeans releases the boring expectations we have when looking for a pair of jeans, who says we have to stick to the classics when we have so many options now a days anyway? Patchwork also comes in patches of fabric such as flannel and we’re loving the vibe it gives off.

4. Print Jeans

Denim trends of 2022

Image credits: Rima Zahran, MiLK0

These are so cool, and you can really get as creative as you want with them. You can make your own, but they’re also all over Bershka. It’s the most innovative twist to classic denim and the incorporation of street style. So many stores have their own version of these, as the designs can become as versatile as you want. You could literally have anything as a print on your jeans, or any unique design.

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5. Boot Cut Jeans

Denim trends of 2022

Image credits: Mille World, Rima Zahran

We’ve been wearing wide flared jeans for the past maybe three years, but personally, we’re kind of over it. Not that we’re not going to wear them when paired with something, but it wouldn’t be our first option. Boot-cut jeans with maybe a very minimal flair, however, would be. They’re the perfect amount of flare honestly.

6. Wide Leg Jeans

Denim trends of 2022

Image credits:  trendyyfihtsLaila Ezzat

The exact opposite of what we were wearing ten years ago, literally. This fit of jeans is a personal favorite, it just somehow looks very chic on any outfit (no matter the occasion). These jeans give us New York city girl vibes, the girl that’s always in a rush but no one has any idea where she is going.

7. Skater Jeans

Denim trends of 2022

Image credits: Champagnemani, Karen Wazen

Ever heard the term the baggier the better? Well, we never thought we’d say it, but here we are. ‘Skater jeans’ are the baggiest form of jeans any of us would ever consider wearing, they really are that baggy. Nonetheless, they may be a little daring for the simpler dresser, but they are so worth it.

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8. Denim on Denim 

Denim trends of 2022

Image credits: Layla Kardanitsmekellieb

It’s Britney B, and we do see you. The denim-on-denim trend brings us back to the 2000s, and we’re so here for it. You don’t have to be that daring to channel your inner Britney, it’s as simple as wearing denim jeans or shorts with a denim jacket. The look is effortless yet so chic when pulled together right. You could also look for a denim top or crop top. Also, can we talk about how cute denim bags are right now?

9. Distressed/Ripped Jeans

Denim trends of 2022

Image credits: Pinterest, Kylie Jenner

Are ripped and distressed jeans still in? Well, the short answer to that question is yes, but the longer answer requires an explanation. They are, it’s just not in the way we’ve been used to for the last couple of years. We had been seeing rips of all shapes and sizes, even jeans that have more ripped than they do jean, and that’s cool but we are more minimal now. Or at least we think we are. Now we’d prefer that if we are wearing distressed denim, it be subtle and delicate, such as the classic rip on the knee on some straight fit jeans. Not overdone but appreciated. 

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10. Variations in shades of denim and the rise of two-tone denim

Denim trends of 2022

Image credits: Iman El Deeb, Dina Zahran

Honestly, there aren’t really any limits in terms of shades of denim to avoid or to pursue. But we will say this, we’re seeing a lot lighter wash denim and that’s a fact. The only no-go is acid wash denim, we’re gladly going to leave that one in the past. It was fun for its moment, but the moments over now. Something that’s really in right now is two tone denim, think the patchwork you saw earlier but just two main patches of denim, each a different variant of denim. Also, try and switch the colors themselves of your jeans up, who says denim is just blue? White and brown jeans are a thing too, even pink!