Just like everyone else, I've been obsessed with patches on denim. Why? Any denim piece with patches can funk up any outfit, and it can turn your look from boring to super trendy! Actually, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to follow this cool trend, all you got to do is find a shop that sells stick-on patches, and you can go creative with your favorite denim jacket. Need a tutorial? Here you go...

Inspired by a very popular Gucci collection, HonestlyWTF.com made a cool DIY project, for the ones obsessed with patches on denim like me. So let’s see how to revamp your favorite denim jacket using patches.

Tools you need to revamp your favorite denim jacket with patches:

-  Tiger, bee and flowers patches.

-  Steam-a-seam or if you can’t find it, use a double face (it doesn’t require any ironing.)

-  An over-sized denim jacket.

-  An iron.

-  Scissors.

-  As an option, you can use a sewing machine to double check they’re well placed or that they won’t fall out during laundry.

Steps to revamp your favorite denim jacket with patches:

1. If you bought patches with an iron-on back already attached to them, then that’s perfect, you will not need the steam-a-seam sheets and iron or the scissors.

2. If your patches are just appliqués, then they’ve been made to be sewed on fabric. So, now you need to make the appliqué sticky using the steam-a-seam sheet.

3. As a start, you need to know that sticky sheets come in between two white papers, so you’ll remove the top white paper and you will place the bottom facing the appliqué, and you will cut around it roughly.

4. Put your patches in between two white papers to iron-on the sticky sheet, to avoid the melted glue that will come out from sticking on your iron.

5. Now that you ironed the patch with high temperature for 15-20 seconds, let it cool down before you peel the last white protective paper the sheet already had.

6. If you touch the back of the patch now, you’ll realize that it’s finally sticky.

7. It’s time to make an artist tableau on the back or the front, or maybe both sides of your favorite denim jacket.

8. Before ironing the patches on, arrange them on the denim jacket to see how they look like all together when you’re done.

9. Now you have to iron one patch at a time on the denim jacket, so get a piece of thin fabric to put in between the iron and the patch, so when you iron it on it will prevent the patch from burning.

10. Don’t leave the iron on it for more than 30 seconds. If you want to double check it got fixed perfectly, remove the iron and start with a new patch, and get back to the first one to iron it again.

11. The steam-a-seam stick on patches are strong enough to survive laundry, but if you want to make your patches more fixed, use a sewing machine to go around the edges of the patches in a thin line.  

N.B: You can find all of these tools and the patches on Amazon.com or any local fabric store.