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| by Heba Abohemed

DIY: How to Revamp Your Jeans With Printed Fabric

There comes a time when we definitely get bored of some pieces of our clothes, but getting rid of these pieces is not the solution. What if I told you that you can revamp some of them? Just to feel like you bought something new, while you actually just made few changes. So here’s how you can revamp your jeans with printed fabric, for spring and summer fun times.

Materials you will need to revamp your jeans:

- Old denim shorts or old jeans.

- A needle and thread.

- Pins.

- A piece of printed fabric that you like.

How to revamp your jeans with printed fabric?

1. Locate on the shorts or the pants the place you want to place the printed fabric on, let’s say back pockets. Measure the pockets and cut the fabric to the measured size.

2. Fix the fabric on the back pockets using pins, to prevent it from moving.

3. Now take the needle and thread, and start sewing the fabric to the jeans. Just make sure you use tight stitches, wide stitches would look really bad.

4. If you want to embellish the legs of your jeans, I suggest you cut the fabric into different shapes and then randomly fix it.

That's all you need! Now scroll down and see some photos of revamped jeans with printed fabrics to get inspired.

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