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Fustany Wore It: Pull and Bear's Graphic T-shirts

Jasmine Kamal
6/20/19, 12:00 AM

For me, I believe that wearing t-shirts is one of the most comfortable things in life. This is why I'm always looking for t-shirts with different fabrics and stylish trends. I don’t easily find what I am looking for, so it's sometimes a struggle. The problem is either with fabrics or the prints and it’s been like this over the years, however, this changed two years ago.

One day I was walking by a Pull and Bear store and I was curious to see their new collection. As soon as I went in, one of the graphic t-shirts caught my attention. I knew that if I buy it, it would only be a short time before the prints fade out but I bought it anyway because I liked it. As soon as I wore this t-shirt I felt something different, it was so soft on my skin which is great to wear when it’s hot outside since cotton absorbs sweat well. The second great thing about the t-shirt was the colored and very detailed print but still, I believed it would fade after repeated washing.


Now, it has been two years since I’ve had this shirt and the print is still as good as new. Even after many washes and wearing it, the fabrics and colors are still the same. I even recommended it to one of my friends and she loves it.

I can’t deny that I will be buying more t-shirts from there especially that Pull and Bear have the best printed t-shirt designs and it’s why I wanted to let you in on the secret, so you could get the t-shirt you’ve been looking for too without worry.


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Jasmine Kamal

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