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Fustany Wore It : Stradivarius's Pleated Skirts

Hager Hatem
6/13/19, 12:00 AM

I usually like to wear pleated skirts. In general, they give me a feminine appearance and a unique look. Since I am a curvy girl, searching for the skirt that fits my body type, flatters my figure, makes me looks slimmer and is also trending is really hard a lot of time, but I finally found them at Stradivarius.

Pleated skirts are already trending, but I was surprised to see how much this pleated skirt from Stradivarius fit my body perfectly.

When it put it on in the fitting room it looked amazing and attractive. Especially that it’s elastic waistline was tight, so it highlighted my waist beautifully. The skirt is made of chiffon and they have a lot of bright colors to choose from for summer. 


With time, the cut was not affected at all even after washing. However, I suggest that you put it on top of your suitcase or hang it in your car whenever you are traveling.

This year Stradivarius released a new collection of pleated skirts, this time with buttons in front, I tried them and they were great. The great thing about the neutral color options is that I can wear them with any top I have.


Despite the fabric being comfortable and smooth, it looked great on me and the pleats didn’t fade  on my body and that’s what every curvy girl is looking for in a pleated skirt.

The price is also quite affordable and I believe that Stradivarius will release more of them and I will definitely try them all.


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Hager Hatem

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