With Christmas just around the corner, you must be thinking about Christmas gifts for family. Well, we thought of awesome family Christmas gifts ideas for everyone in your family. From the In laws to your nieces and nephews. 

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Family Christmas gifts 2020:

Christmas gift ideas for her

Your mother

1. Homeware voucher.

2. A beauty/skincare set. 

3. A new mug/tea cup set.

4. A massager.

5. iPad case. 

6. Photo-frames/photo album. 

7. Chic designer reading glasses. 

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Your sister

1. A pandora bracelet. 

2. A chic pajama set.

3. Candle set.

4. A nice carry on suitcase.

5. Coffee table books. 

6. A perfume set. 

7. Silk robe.

Your mother-in-law

1. Nice fluffy winter slippers.

2. Modern dinnerware set.

3. A cashmere scarf. 

4. Monogramed coaster set. 

5. Essential oil set.

6. Home gardening kit.

7. Handmade rug.

Your niece

1. A crossbody handbag.

2. A lipstick set. 

3. Clothing store voucher.

4. A gym wear set. 

5. Wireless headphones.

6. A kindle.

7. Personalized necklace.

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Christmas gift ideas for him

Your father

1. A pair of gloves.

2. A nice French press.

3. Framed artwork or print for the office. 

4. A robe.

5. Watch organizer/case. 

6. Puffer vest.

7. A chic shaving set.

Your husband

1. A chic laptop bag.

2. Adult puzzle.

3. Coffee maker/machine.

4. Travel speakers. 

5. Camera.

6. Record player.

7. Electric razor.

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Your father in law

1. A nice card holder.

2. iPad keyboard.

3. A chic backgammon set.

4. Shearling slippers.

5. Cufflinks.

6. Tool kit.

7. Cashmere/wool sweater.

Your brother

1. A comfy hoodie.

2. A PS5.

3. Wallet.

4. Smart Watch 

5. Travel briefcase.

6. Loafers.

7. Portable espresso machine

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Your nephew

1. Running shoes.

2. PS game.

3. AirPods. 

4. Dartboard.

5. Pin Pong table. 

6. A bike.

7. Action figures set.

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