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How to Find the Perfect Style for Your Body Shape

Nour El Bakry
1/17/19, 12:00 AM

Fashion is all about feeling comfortable and exceptional in the looks we love. So I'm offering these guidelines below to help you learn how to dress your body shape and highlight your most treasured features with styles that match it.

First let’s determine your body shape , There are 5 different body types:

1. Pear Shaped Body


You may be this body type if:

- Your hips are wider than your bust.

- You have proportionally narrow arms and shoulders.

- Your waist is the nicely defined, so don’t be afraid to show it. 

Clothes that fit your shape:

For tops choose what will help balance your lower half, like off shoulder tops or tops with a fitted waist. Also choose bold colors and patterns. As for pants, you should look for what can balance your bottom half like A-Line skirts, straight pants. With pants, go for darker colors.

2. Hourglass Body Type


You could be this body type if:

- You’d describe your body as curvy.

- You have a beautiful defined waist.

- Your bust and hip measurements are well-balanced. 

Clothes that will flatter your shape: 

Look for what focuses more attention on your waist and your balanced body, like tailored or wrap style blouses and jackets. Almost every type of pants would suit you; high waisted, skinny or flared, with the right top of course.

3. Apple Shaped Body


You could be this body type if:

- An average to big bust.

- Your shoulders are broader than your hips.

- Less defined waist.

Clothes to flatter your figure:

Choose clothing with a little bit of stretch for comfort like flat pants, boot cut, straight leg or flared jeans. For tops, you can go for fits that flatter your bust, like wide or low V-neck tops. Also try fitted jackets, long tops and tunics.

4. Rectangle Body Type

You may be this body type if:

- The hips and shoulders tend to align. 

- Your waist isn’t very small or well-defined. 

- Your weight is fairly evenly distributed throughout your body, so this is one of the easier body types to dress.

Clothes to flatter your body: 

Focus on enhancing your arms and legs, so choose A-line skirts and ruffled or sleeveless, strapless tops. Pick dresses that define your bottom half. Also, blazers, long jackets are going to be your thing.

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