Swimsuits can make or break your look during the summer, unless you pick the right swimsuit for your body shape. Don’t worry, picking a swimsuit that flatters your body type is not a hard task, but there are a few tips that you should follow to look fabulous and to feel confident on the beach this summer.

1. The swimsuits that are perfect for the pear body shape are:

High waisted bikinis with balconette tops, and if you prefer a one-piece swimsuit, then you should go for one with a balconette top also. The balconette top will flatter your chest and will make your body look more symmetrical, as the pear body shape tends to be small from the upper body and larger from the lower part.  

2. The perfect swimsuits for women with a fuller bust are:

Women who have big breasts need to pick a swimsuit top that will support them, and will make them feel safe while they move. Bandeau swimsuits and molded cups are a great choice for women with a fuller bust.

3. The best swimsuit for women with smaller busts:

Women with small breasts got nothing to worry about, almost every swimsuit flatters their shape. If you prefer to keep them looking small, then wear a triangle top, it’s very cute, and if you want to make them look bigger, then wear a balconette or a push-up.

4. Skinny women look great in this type of swimsuits:

One-piece swimsuits with a cool print will give the illusion that you are fuller, which is a great trick. But if you want to wear a bikini, then opt for something with a balconette top, and not a high waist, but not low, something in between.

5. These are the most flattering swimsuits for ladies with lush curves:

Curvy women can wear a lot of options, they can wear a one-piece or a bikini. But the most flattering type is the one that has a design on the belly to divert the attention away from it, and of course that has enough support in its top.