A sports bra saved my life.

Ok, that was a bit dramatic, but this sports bra did in fact solve a problem of mine that I had been facing for about a year.

I like to go to the gym. I enjoy exercising, I enjoy sweating, and I even enjoy the treadmill! But you know what I don’t enjoy? My breasts getting in the way. I don’t want to be so invested in my workout only to be distracted by my girls who just have to keep bouncing up and down as if they’re doing their own jumping jacks. Thanks, gravity!

Another issue I always faced with other sports bras, especially those made for more aesthetic purposes, is the sweat. Sweating at the gym means you’re doing something right, but it’s difficult to enjoy a workout when your gear becomes moist. Try to imagine a wet cloth stuck on your already wet skin, then add a high-intensity workout. Yup, that’s how it feels.

A good friend of mine (shout out to her if she’s reading this) one day came over and gave me a sports bra that had been gifted to her. Unfortunately for her, and thankfully for me, it didn’t quite fit her right as her bust is bigger than mine. It was an Under Armour’s Women’s Armour Mid Sports Bra, and it’s my best friend at the gym (next to my headphones) for multiple reasons.


It gives me support. I don’t have to worry about my breasts jumping up and down and distracting me from my workout. They stay in place without being flattened and suffocated. The sports bra is fittingly tight but I can still breathe, which turns out is necessary during exercise! Hmm!

It absorbs sweat and dries quickly. So I don’t feel like I have a used mop attached to me all the time! It’s also important because if your gear is wet and you are exercising in an air conditioned area, you could get sick. So away with the moisture and away with the flu.

It’s smooth. Working out for a long time and sweating profusely while simultaneously wearing tight gear can chafe your skin, especially your nipples. This sports bra has softer material that doesn’t risk me getting a rash.


It fits cup sizes A to C. This means that it’s flexible and will most likely cater to your needs as it did mine (I’m an A cup). Note: If your bust is more on the larger side, Under Armour caters to different shapes and sizes as well.

It looks really cool. So now I don’t have to wear a shirt! “Hey, check out my cool new sports bra” is something I would say.

Conclusion: I love this sports bra. Thanks, Under Armour!