I am always on the look out for a perfect pair of leggings. I’m guilty of favoring one pair of leggings, to the point I’ll workout in them in the mornings, wash it once I’m home, and wear them the next day again. Unfortunately, this has led to a few of my favorite leggings not lasting that long. So I decided to make every pair of leggings I own my favorite pair, so as not to overuse one. 

There are a few main things I look for in a pair of leggings: 

1. They need to pass the squat test; meaning they not be see through. 
2. They do not show any sweat stains. 
3. They are ankle length. 

Enter Oysho’s high intensity training printed leggings! I love the geometric design print on it, and get this, it’s breathable. Meaning, the fabric of these leggings allows the air to circulate between the fibers, so not only does it not get too wet when you’re working out, but it also dries super fast after washing it. 


Why ankle length? 

I personally don’t like my leggings to crease at the ankle, which is why ankle lengthen leggings are perfect for me. 

Now for the most important part, how they feel during a workout:

In my opinion, they’re fantastic. They’re super light weight, which makes you feel very light when you’re working out, and trust me that’s an awesome feeling, especially when you are trying to lift your whole body off the floor, or even run 10K. Another plus, no weight added to your gym bag, and you know as well as I do, a woman’s gym bag has way too many things already. 


I can guarantee that with the geometric print, there are no visible sweat stains ever, and due to the breathable factor, no matter how hard you workout it doesn’t really get wet. If it does, it dries out super fast, which is a huge plus during the hot weather

I have added Oysho’s high intensity training leggings to my list of favorite leggings. It’s proving to be quite hard to not wear them everyday, especially that when I do wash them, it’s a matter of an hour till it’s dry and ready for my next workout.