During the summer I always go for opened toed sandals as my first choice so I can feel as fresh and as light as possible. I was always searching for sandals that are comfortable, don't hurt my feet, I can wear all day and they would suit most of my casual wardrobe. 

I tried a lot of different types of summer sandals but I never seemed to find anything I liked. They either left marks on my feet or gave me blisters or just didn't feel right. Some leather sandals would actually get worn out only after 2 weeks of wearing them.


I jumped from one brand to another trying out their summer sandals, until I found simple, flat summer sandals from TataTio. Every time I wore them, I found that they didn't leave any marks on my skin and they never hurt my feet. After a year, my sandals are white and they still didn't change color or get damaged, even though I wore them a lot! So I decided to buy more of them of different styles and colors to suit all my outfits. 

For those of you who've been through a similar journey when it comes to sandals give these TataTio sandals a try. Try them out first in a simple, basic color and then see if you're up for getting more.