Nourhan Gado Shares Her Secrets Behind Building a Colorful Wardrobe Without Looking Tacky!
Mariam Youssef
1/2/23, 6:00 PM

When it comes to fashion, most of us tend to gravitate towards neutral, basic colors because they’re safe and timeless. Although black, white, and beige are mandatory colors we cannot imagine our wardrobe without, other colors deserve a chance as they can truly elevate your style and make your outfits a lot more interesting. Colorful outfits are not exclusive to bloggers or fashion experts. You can re-create new outfits from your wardrobe with a few changes and some additions. Therefore, we took this chance to talk to Nourhan Gado about her colorful style and how she achieves it flawlessly.

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Who Is Nourhan Gado?

Although Nourhan is a math teacher, her love for fashion has pushed her to become a fashion blogger and stylist as well. She describes her style as colorful, modest, and versatile, in which she’s open to trying new things and exploring various trends. Her secret behind achieving her unique style is that she constantly keeps up with the latest trends and bloggers’ styles. Keeping a close eye on fashion bloggers from all over the world helps her find inspiration to create her distinctive outfits.

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Using The Color Wheel to Style Outfits

When we asked Nourhan about how she uses the color wheel to style her outfits, she said that it is one of the main things she depends on when it comes to styling outfits. Complementary and analogous colors determine most of her outfits as they’re very flattering and on point. So, if you’re thinking about creating a colorful outfit but don’t know how to start, we suggest using the color wheel. On the one hand, complementary colors (opposite colors on the color wheel) are the easiest and most interesting color combinations, such as yellow/purple, green/red, and blue/orange. On the other hand, analogous colors (three colors next to each other on the color wheel) create vibrant and cool outfits. For example, your outfit can be a combination of yellow, orange-yellow, and orange.

Another interesting option to create stunning colorful outfits is by following the triadic colors (the colors that make a triangle on the color wheel). Blue/red/yellow and purple/orange/green make great examples of the triadic color method.

N.B. If your outfit is colorful, it is best to tone down your hijab color. For example, if you decide to wear a green set, and a purple bag, choose a neutral color for your hijab like white or beige.

The Right Color for Every Skin Tone

We also asked Nourhan about how we can choose the right color for our skin tone. She simply said that everyone can wear all colors; however, they have to choose the right shade. So, if you’re wondering how to choose the right shade for your skin tone, you have to figure out whether your skin tone is warm, cool, or neutral. The easiest way to do so is by wearing gold and silver accessories and checking which color looks better on you. If gold looks best on your skin, this means you’re warm-toned. However, if silver is the better option, you probably have cool-toned skin. Some people have a neutral skin tone, in which both gold and silver look good on them.

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If you have warm-toned skin, always opt for warm shades of every color. Cool shades, however, will work best for you if you have cool-toned skin. This image will help you get the idea of warm and cool shades of the same color.

Layering Technique

Another factor that makes or breaks an outfit is layering. The technique of layering is an art that can take your ordinary outfit to the next level and make it spectacular. Nourhan told us that mastering this art is all about matching different styles together. For example, if you’re wearing an oversized sweater, you shouldn’t be pairing it with baggy or wide-leg pants; flare pants would be the right choice. Balancing your top and bottom proportions will result in a clean and more attractive look.

Items That We No Longer Wear

One of the main things that probably all of us face is having some pieces of clothing that we no longer wear or - in some scenarios- never do! Nourhan has come up with a unique term to describe them – sad clothes. So, when we asked her about what she does with her “sad clothes,” she said that every once in a while she has to declutter her closet, check the items that she doesn’t use, and give them another chance. In her opinion, a single piece of clothing has to be used in at least 2-3 different outfits. If she fails to style it, she prefers to donate it. We should all do the same because there’s definitely an item or two that we no longer wear. If we’ll not be using these items, it is best to donate them to someone else who’ll benefit from them.

Winter Staples

No matter how many colorful outfits you intend on creating, there are some staples you should have in your wardrobe. When we asked Nourhan about what the winter staples are, she said “oversized white shirts that can be layered with cropped sweaters, wide-leg jeans, leather jackets and pants, long coats, and high boots that go perfectly with midi skirts.”

If Winter Was a Color, What Would It Be?

If you follow Nourhan, you probably know that her favorite color is green. Most of her outfits must include green because it's a versatile color that has plenty of shades and hues, and it never fails to add a unique touch to any outfit. When we asked Nourhan about the best colors that go with green, she said that pairing green with purple, pink, turquoise, gray, beige, and brown makes excellent outfits.

2023 Fashion Trends

Naturally, we asked Nourhan about the latest fashion trends in 2023 and she delivered! “Oversized, cargo pants, disco pants, bling items, teddy jackets and coats, colorful fur, leather on leather, denim on denim, and tailored vests, to mention a few,” she said.

The best thing about fashion is that it’s versatile, adjustable, and rebellious. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to creating outfits. However, there are some tips that can truly help elevate your style and make your look a lot more attractive. Tell us, how do you create your colorful outfits?

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