Wedding Overnight Bag: What to Pack Before Heading to The Hotel As A Bride

Mariam Youssef
11/2/22, 5:00 PM

The week before the wedding marks your last days at your parents’ home, in which you’re getting ready to move to your own, where you’ll be the lady of the house. Your emotions are all over the place and you’re probably a hot mess because of all the preparations and appointments you have to keep up with to make the big day as perfect as you’ve always imagined. 

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One of the most concerning things almost all brides worry about is their wedding overnight bag that they’re taking to the hotel. This bag is supposed to have everything you may need as a bride on the big day and honeymoon. Aside from your honeymoon packing list, there are mandatory things you have to pack before heading to the hotel to help you while you’re getting dressed and ready for the crowds. That said, we’ll list everything that you should pack in your wedding overnight bag before heading to the hotel as a bride.

This is a general list of the things that you may need in your wedding overnight bag:



-Wedding night lingerie

-Oil-based makeup remover

-Cotton wool


-Second-day outfit

-Second-day underwear

-Second-day shoes and accessories

-Flat shoes

-Comfy socks


-Bubble bath - if your bridal suite has a big tub!


-Toiletries (your face creams, lotions, face mask, shampoo, dry shampoo, shower gel, hairspray, etc.)

-Glasses and case or contact lenses and solution if you wear any



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-Camera with backup batteries and charger

-Nail file

-Your makeup bag

-Mini sewing bag

-Mints/chewing gum

-Your perfume


-Medication and birth control

-Phone charger

-House keys

-Travel iron or steamer

Take the following things if you’re getting ready at the hotel:

-A robe or button-up to wear for hair and makeup

-Snacks for the wedding morning and bottled water

-Your wedding dress or wedding-day outfit, with a hanger

-Your lingerie

-Your shoes

-Your wedding-day handbag

-Your jewelry and accessories

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-Any sentimental items you want with you

-Wedding-day emergency kit (safety pins, tissues etc.) Your bridesmaid can do this if you ask her

-Anything you'd like to have photographed while getting ready

-Wedding lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss (even if the makeup artist will use her own lip products, bring your own just in case you need to reapply throughout the day)


-Speakers ready with wedding morning playlist

-Headphones, in case you need some chill time

-Any cash payments ready in envelopes for on-the-day suppliers (it is best to put them in the safe when you arrive at the hotel)

-A list of suppliers, their contact details

-Pen and notepad

-Paperwork or ID for the legal ceremony, if required

-The wedding rings!

-Wedding party gifts

Packing tips for the actual wedding day:

-Although this is a list for brides, it's important to note items like the paperwork, wedding rings, or supplier payments are for both of you to remember. The burden shouldn't be on you alone!

-You might only be going away for one or two nights, but weddings usually come with lots of stuff. So, don't try to overcrowd it all into a small weekend bag. It is best to take your big suitcase so there's lots of room for everything you need.

-Use packing pouches to keep things together. That way you'll have all the elements of your different outfits organized together, and you'll be able to find things when you need them.

-In the days or weeks before the wedding, distribute any accessories or favors for the bridal party so that you are no longer responsible for caring for them, such as shawls for the bridesmaids, a basket for the flower girl, etc. This should be one of your trusted bridesmaids’ tasks.

-Have a trustworthy person deliver your overnight bag to the hotel if you're getting ready at home and going directly to the ceremony. Make sure it's brought to your room and that any essentials—like a dress for the second-day party—are hung up. Don't just bring it in the wedding car; you might forget about it and leave it in the boot or, worse, let the driver drive off with it!

Final thoughts!

Yes, it is important to pack everything you may need on the most important day of your life, but forgetting a thing or two isn’t the end of the world. Relax! Your day will go smoothly and fabulously as you’ve always planned. However, stressing over every little thing can disrupt your peace of mind and make you look troubled and anxious unnecessarily. Trust the process and accept that something may not go as planned on your wedding day, but that should never affect your happiness one bit. Have fun and enjoy!

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