10 Hair-Related Lessons We Learned From Brad Mondo!

Mariam Youssef
10/16/22, 1:00 PM

If you’re into taking care of, styling, dyeing, or trimming your hair at home, you’ve probably watched plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube. Although there are several hair stylists and enthusiasts on this platform, Brad Mondo is considered one of the top and most-trusted hair professionals. From hair-cutting tutorials to reacting to hair-dye failures, Brad Mondo has taught us several things when it comes to doing anything to our hair. On that note, we’ll list 10 hair-related lessons we learned from Brad Mondo so you can benefit from them and correct your mistakes.

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Let’s start with the hair dye/bleach lessons:

1. Do not Start with Your Roots

Whether you’re going burgundy, blue, or neon green, do not start with your roots when bleaching your hair. Bleach reacts faster with heat. Because your scalp is the source of heat, your roots will process faster, leading to a “hot roots” situation, which is having your roots way lighter than the rest of your hair. Believe us, you don’t want to have that on your hair! The best way to apply bleach is to start from the mids and ends, wait until they start to process halfway, and then apply bleach to your roots.

2. Color Doesn’t Lift Color

Let’s say that your hair is dark brown and you want to go ash blonde for example. You cannot apply the ash-blonde color to your hair and expect to see any satisfying results. The simple math about this is that color does not lift color, as Mondo states. To be able to go lighter, you need to lift your hair using bleach. Then, you can go for whichever color you like.

3. Use The Right Toner

Hair toners help you correct or personalize your hair color. You can use a toner to add natural or more visible tones after bleach. Toners differ according to your hair level. If your hair is level 10 (the lightest blonde), you will require a different toner than someone whose hair is level 7 (a dark blonde). If you use the wrong toner, you’ll end up with unsatisfactory results.

4. Section Your Hair

This rule applies when you’re bleaching or cutting your hair. Sectioning makes things way easier for you. Instead of dealing with huge chunks of hair at one time, take small sections and bleach or cut them. Sectioning helps you to take full control of your hair as well. You will be able to see which parts have been bleached/cut and which parts haven’t.

5. Use Foils or a Plastic Bag

As Mondo explained before, the heat coming from the scalp makes the roots process faster. So, if you want your hair to lighten up fast and effectively, apply foils on every small section you’re bleaching so they can get nice and light faster. Once you’re done bleaching your entire head, cover it in a plastic bag so the bleach can process faster and more evenly.

6. Bleach Your Hair Dry and Greasy

You never want to bleach wet hair because the product won’t sit on the hair properly and you will not get the results you’re looking for. Brad also recommends that you bleach your hair when it’s greasy, just right before you take a shower. That way, your scalp will be somehow protected from the bleach with the natural oils on your hair.

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Now, let’s see the hair-cutting lessons:

7. Use Hair-Cutting Scissors

If you decided to cut your hair at home, the least you could do is have hair-cutting scissors at hand. Kitchen scissors or any type of blunt scissors do not work well on the hair. You’ll have a hard time cutting efficiently and evenly.

8. Cut Your Hair Straight Unless It’s Curly

If you have straight or wavy hair, you need to straighten your hair prior to cutting it. You can either use a hair straighter or simply wet your hair. This step is mandatory for even results and efficient cutting techniques. However, if your hair is curly or kinky (from 3A to 4C), it is preferable to cut it the way you style it because you need to adjust it to the way it usually looks.

9. Have Two Mirrors

When a hairdresser cuts your hair, they’re able to view your entire head clearly, hence giving you an even haircut. For that reason, Brad Mondo suggests that you have two mirrors while cutting your hair: one in front of you and another behind. This way, you’ll have more control over your desired length and haircut.

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Mondo never forgets to inspire his viewers, and these are the life lessons we learned from him:

10. Live Your Extra Life

Well, it’s already hinted at. Brad is all about experimenting with new things, doing whatever pleases him unapologetically and not regarding people’s opinions, which is key to happiness and peace of mind. He encourages everyone to do the same. Live happily and do whatever makes you pleased and comfortable in your own skin. This is basically his YouTube channel’s motto.



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