Is Rasta Hairstyle Good or Bad for Your Hair?

Jasmine Kamal
8/10/22, 2:00 PM

A few years ago when I used to have long hair, which is not the case now as I gave up my long hair for the pixie haircut - I wanted to try the Rasta or dreadlocks hairstyle. If you don’t know what Rasta is, as shown in the main picture, it is rope-like strands of hair created by locking or braiding your hair. However, I was often advised not to go for it because the Rasta hairstyle is very harmful and can cause hair loss, so I gave up on the whole notion. But today, years later, I found myself asking the same question; is the Rasta hairstyle really harmful to the hair or was I misinformed? So after long research, I decided to share with you what I found, so be patient and keep reading to know the answer in the following lines…

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For starters, in order to be able to conclude whether Rasta is good or bad, we have to analyze its pros and cons so we can achieve a clear conclusion.

Pros of Rasta hairstyle:

1- Say goodbye to frizzy and frizzy hair

Don’t you hate it when your hair keeps flying everywhere, poking your eyes and your entire face, especially in the summertime with the intense humidity? Well, Rasta is here to save you. This hairstyle holds your hair in place, thanks to the tight little braids.

2- Keeping up with the latest fashion trends

We always find ourselves wanting to be fashionable and trendy. Believe me, this hairstyle works magic. Personally, whenever I see a girl with dreadlocks, I instantly feel that she is some sort of a fashion icon and that she’s up to date with the latest trends.

3- A sense of self-confidence and boldness

Rasta is a very unconventional and daring hairstyle, so when someone tries it, it gives them a sense of boldness and self-confidence at the same time. You probably know that your appearance has a great impact on your psychological state.

4- Say goodbye to tangled hair

Is there anything more annoying in life than waking up with tangled hair? If you hate untangling your hair, the Rasta hairstyle will save you. You won’t have to face this daily nightmare because it basically locks your hair in place with these braids.

5- No hair combing

Rasta is all about having your hair stay in place without you worrying about untangling or combing it. The tight braids of this hairstyle are not like the ones we do at home that can be pulled out daily and styled. These tight braids cannot be pulled out or combed every day as they are done by a professional who guarantees that they will stay in place for a long time.

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So, what about the cons of Rasta?

1- Draws great attention

While Rasta is all about self-confidence and boldness, it is very noticeable and eye-catching. So if you don't like to be the center of attention, Rasta is not for you.

2- A slight feeling of discomfort

You may experience a slight feeling of discomfort after lying on your head for a while, especially during sleep, because these braids create a barrier between you and the pillow. However, once you get used to them, this feeling will disappear quickly.

3- Hair hygiene 

Unfortunately, some people think that Rasta means that you will not need to wash and clean your hair, but this is not true. You should wash your hair as usual, because even if the hair care products will not penetrate your scalp, it is enough that they will remove the dust. Thus, general hair hygiene will not be affected.

4- It takes forever to do and undo

Rasta takes long hours to be implemented, so if you decide to do it, make sure you do not have other appointments or chores on this day. It also takes the same amount of time to undo your braids.

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Things to watch out for when applying the Rasta hairstyle:

1- Avoid pulling and too thin braids

Pulling the hair and creating very thin braids can, in one way or another, make your hair fall out over time. So, be very careful when going for the Rasta hairstyle and ask the hairdresser not to pull your hair too hard and to make the braids a little thicker.

2- Disinfect and sterilize the tools

Ask your hairdresser to disinfect and sterilize your styling tools so you don't get any scalp infections that could later result in hair loss, so be very careful about that.

3- Do not make the braids too long

Although Rasta is more beautiful with long hair, adding long braids puts an extra load on the hair, causing it to fall out later. So, it is preferable to make your hair a little shorter to relieve the pressure on it.

4- Wear a satin bonnet before bed

When applying the Rasta hairstyle, it is always preferable to put your hair up and cover it in a satin bonnet before bed to maintain its luster and shine for as long as possible.

5- Avoid some styles

With Rasta, you have to be very attentive to your hairstyle. For example, it is not preferable to go for a high bun or high ponytail so you don’t increase the chances of stressing it and hurting your scalp.



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